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Software Management

Section: Technology Services Index: G-4


Information Technology (IT) shall manage UHV software assets to derive maximum benefit to the University and to ensure that all members of the computing community maintain only approved software on the University’s computer resources.

Approved software shall be:

  • Site licensed software purchased and tested by IT and provided to the entire campus
  • Department, School or individually licensed software, verified but not necessarily purchased by IT
  • Freeware/Open Source software verified by IT and provided as needed
  • Purchased with full technical support or include training
  • Documented on the IT website in a format available to all employees

Illegal copying or distributing of licensed software is prohibited, shall be treated as theft and may result in disciplinary or legal actions.


IT will create and maintain an employee available list of supported software including:

  • Software installed university-wide and covered by a site or similar license
  • Other software with limited licenses but supported by the Help Desk
  • Software allowed but not supported
  • Level of support for allowed software

See the Supported Software Guide for the lists of site licensed, restricted licensed, other allowed software, support levels of allowed software, and the software/application request form.

IT will also perform the following software management:

  • Purchase, install and provide license management of site licensed and volume licensed (more than one school or department) software.
  • Provide methods and procedures for distributing software.
  • Where possible, provide for or configure automatic patching/updates
  • Conduct periodic inventories and audits of software running on University computers.

If unlicensed software is found during an audit or inventory, the user will be requested to either produce proper documentation regarding license ownership, immediately purchase a license, request a license from their department or school, or remove the software. For licenses purchased through a department or school, IT shall wait 1 month to complete the process.  Extensions cannot be given because of the possibility of software vendors requesting an audit of installations of their software.

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