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Software Management

Section: Technology Services
Index: G-4


Information Technology (IT) shall manage UHV software assets to derive maximum benefit to the University and to ensure that all members of the computing community maintain only approved software on the University’s computer resources.

Approved software, as acquired by the software acquisition process, encompasses the following:


IT will create and maintain an employee-available list of supported software including:

IT will also perform the following software management:

Departments are required to track/maintain license requirements to include but not limited to running periods, quantities, contracts, etc. for specialty software.

If unlicensed or unapproved software is found during an audit or inventory, the user will be requested to either produce proper documentation regarding license ownership, immediately purchase a license, through the previously mentioned software acquisition process, request a license from their department or college, or remove the software. request a license from their department or school or remove the software.

Approved By:

Signature Obtained 09/18/2023
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

Next Review Date: August 2028 (5 years)
Origination: Information Technology