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Termination Procedures

Section: Personnel Index: C-16


The purpose of this policy is to establish University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) procedures for processing the termination of all employees in accordance with the University of Houston System Administrative Memorandum 02.A.25. These procedures ensure the timely processing of termination benefits, return of University property, notification to appropriate departments, and placement of proper documentation in the terminating employee's personnel file.


UHV encourages employees to submit a written notice of voluntary resignation or retirement to the immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to the effective date of termination, stating the reasons for the resignation. The original notice of resignation or retirement should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.

It is the employee's responsibility to take the actions listed below on or before the last day of work:

  1. Return all tools, uniforms, equipment, manuals, and other University property in the employee’s possession to his/her supervisor. University credit cards and ID/access badges are to be given to Human Resources as part of the exit/clearance process.
  2. Return all keys to offices and buildings to Human Resources as part of the exit/clearance process, or to his/her supervisor, if the employee is housed at a remote location.
  3. Settle all financial indebtedness to the University, including payment of outstanding parking tickets.
  4. Contact the Benefits/HRMS Manager in the Human Resources Department to set up an exit interview appointment to discuss benefits, options, and to afford the employee the opportunity to discuss his/her overall experience at the university.

If the employee is dismissed involuntarily, it is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure compliance with these actions.

When a supervisor is notified that an employee is resigning or terminating employment, the supervisor must collect all University keys and other property and instruct the employee to settle financial and parking matters prior to leaving the University. For security purposes, the supervisor must cancel passwords for all information systems (computers, telephones). The supervisor must also cancel signature authority on Accounts Payable and PeopleSoft accounts.

A termination Electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR) form should be submitted to the Human Resources Department prior to the end of the payroll processing period in accordance with the university payroll processing calendar so that the employee is removed from the payroll.

All exiting employees (faculty, administrative and staff) must complete an Exit Interview and Clearance Sheet form when they terminate employment for any reason with the University. The form is completed during the exit/clearance process with the Benefits/HRMS Manager. The exiting employee should provide a permanent forwarding mailing address and email address. It is the responsibility of each department to insure that the terminating employee is aware of this requirement.

During the exit interview, the terminating employee will receive information about continuation of health insurance benefits and other options. The employee may exercise the option to contribute to the University of Houston System sick leave pool prior to termination. Employees with at least six months of continuous employment with the state will be paid all unused, accrued vacation time in the termination (final) paycheck.

Approved by:

Signature Obtained                   01/07/15
Raymond V. Morgan, Ph.D.        Date
Interim President

Next review: January 2020
Origination: Human Resources