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Section: Index C- Human Resources
Policy Number: C-06


It is the policy of the University of Houston-Victoria to prevent conflicts of interest and the appearances of favoritism that may result from employment relationships with relatives.

The University’s policy on nepotism applies to all positions, full and part-time, regular and temporary, in all component university programs and areas of operation, regardless of source of funding. Specifically:

This policy requires compliance  with State of Texas statutes, UH Board of Regents Policy 57.07, UH System Policy 02.A.21,  UHV Policy C-8, Employee Standards of Conduct and regulations regarding unfair employment practices due to nepotism. (References)


Nepotism: Favoritism shown to a relative by employment on the basis of the relationship
Relative: For the purposes of this policy, the term “relative” is defined as anyone related to the employee within the second degree of affinity or the third degree of consanguinity.   This includes:

Supervision: Supervision means the exercise of authority or responsibility with regard to appointment, reappointment, promotion, managing performance, work assignments, salary administration, termination or other terms and conditions of employment and includes all levels of line administrative supervisors, not just the immediate supervisor.


Employees are required to fully disclose the existence of any relationship that may create a conflict of interest at the time of employment, or that becomes known during employment. Disclosures may be made to the Director, Human Resources.
When making hiring decisions, employees with hiring authority will not hire relatives in positions that are in violation of this policy, to the extent any family relationship is known. Where questions exist regarding the appropriateness of hiring a known relative of a UHV employee, the hiring authority must consult with the HR Director before considering the applicant for the available position or making an offer of employment.
When nepotism situations result from changes in employment status or marriage or when family relationships between employees are discovered,  the potential nepotism situation shall be reported to the HR Director. The HR Director will work with the department head, and where necessary, the cabinet level supervisor and President. If it is determined that a nepotism violation exists, a decision shall be made as to whether the situation can be remedied by transferring one employee or changing the reporting relationship. Where no remedy is feasibly available, the university has the authority to terminate the employment relationship with one or both of the employees.


Violation of the nepotism statutes is a misdemeanor involving official misconduct; employees violating the statute are subject to a fine and to dismissal from employment.  An employee who violates this policy, as an employee knowingly approving the hiring of a relative, as the currently employee relative, or as the relative being hired, is subject to reassignment and/or to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Supporting Documents:

(1) UH Board of Regents Policy, 57.07, Nepotism

(2) UH System Policy 02.A.21, Nepotism

(3) UHV Policy C-8, Employee Standards of Conduct


Approved by:

Signature Obtained                     11/16/2021
Robert K Glenn., Ph.D                   Date

Originating Department: Human Resources
Next Review Date: 11/2026 (5 years)


If there are any comments and/or questions regarding this policy, please contact the Human Resources Department.