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Identification Badge/Access Card


SECTION: Index C – Human Resources

SUBJECT: C-17  Identification Badge/Access Card


An Identification (ID) badge will be issued to every university employee and should be worn by all employees in plain sight while on campus.

The ID badge will:

  1. Serve as the official university photo ID for each university employee.
  2. Readily identify university employees to students and visitors in need of assistance.
  3. Provide, for those authorized, keyless access to buildings and rooms that are equipped with keyless locks.
  4. Function as the employee's library card for the UHV and VC Libraries.
  5. Identify authorized vendors and other designated visitors while on campus.

An ID badge may be required for admission to or participation in various UHV programs or events and to use University of Houston System or component facilities and services. The ID badge is also required for security purposes for identification of employees working outside normal working hours or in the building at night or on a weekend.


ID badges for employees shall be issued by the Human Resources Office. The employing department shall submit an ID Badge Request to the Human Resources Office for all new employees and rehires. To avoid a trip to Victoria, employees at the Katy site should see their local IT staff to assist with taking their photograph for handling the process via email and mail.

Door access shall be managed by the Facilities Services Department. The employing department must submit a Key Request Form to the Facilities Services Department in order to obtain access to a building(s).

Badges that are not functioning properly should be reported to the Human Resources Office.

Supervisors are to encourage employees to wear their badges.

The first badge will be provided at no cost to employees. Employees may be charged a nominal fee for replacement of lost badges. If an ID badge is lost or stolen, employees are to notify the Human Resources Office immediately. Badges, especially those with door access capability, should be safeguarded and treated as if they are physical keys.

ID badges will be active until rescinded, renewed, replaced, or until employment with the university ends. Upon ending employment with the university, employees shall surrender their ID badge to the Human Resources Office as part of the exit interview.


  1. ID Badge Request
  2. Key Request form

Approved by:

Signature Obtained 11/15/2021
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.       

Next Review Date: November 2026   (5 years)
Origination: Human Resources


If there are any comments and/or questions regarding this policy, please contact the Director of Human Resources.