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Section: General
Index: A-46


It is important that efforts on behalf of the University to secure or discuss private gifts or grants with funders or potential funders be well-coordinated and managed. To that end, solicitation or efforts intended potentially to lead to solicitation of a grant or gift from a private donor (including private individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations, etc.) is the purview of the Office of University Advancement (OUA) to execute or to coordinate. This includes ongoing communication with the donor/grantor after the gift or grant is received. Therefore, any UHV faculty or staff member desiring to make any outreach to or engage in communication with a potential, private donor should first discuss and coordinate these efforts and communications with the OUA staff. OUA staff will then communicate with the donor/grantor (or prospective donor/grantor), both before and after a gift or grant is received or solicited.


UHV Faculty/Staff member intends to solicit a grant or gift from a potential private donor or grantor:

  1. Members contact UHV Office of University Advancement (OUA).
  2. Member is to provide donor/grantor contact information to OUA.
  3. OUA will contact the prospective donor/grantor to begin communications.
  4. OUA will oversee and coordinate ongoing communications with the donor/grantor. All communications with the donor/grantor are to be initially approved by OUA.


Approved By:

Signature Obtained 07/24/2023
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.

Next Review Date:   July 2028 (5 Years)
Origination: Office of University Advancement