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Campus Parking and Traffic Policy

Section: General

Index: A-19       



The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) has established this policy and associated procedures for the safety and security of the campus community as well as to manage limited parking resources for the benefit of all. All laws regulating traffic apply to the operation of vehicles within the property of the university. All university students and employees on the Victoria campus must register their vehicles and properly display a valid parking permit.

Parking and traffic regulations are enforced. Citations will result in various Sanctions and Penalties, including warnings, fines, towing and financial stops on student accounts. Review the Common Parking and Traffic Violations section for more information on common violations, which may warrant a citation.

This policy establishes procedures specifically for the campus and student housing in Victoria. University employees and students conducting business at other off-campus sites, including The Victoria College, UHV-Katy, and all other UH System components are expected to comply with any parking and traffic policies at those locations.


Parking policies on the UHV campus are administered through the Office of the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Student Billing Office, University West Building, Room #117.

Parking-related inquiries at The Victoria College (VC) shall be directed to VC’s College Central by calling (361) 485-6840.

Damage or Loss to Vehicles
The University of Houston-Victoria will make a reasonable effort to protect vehicles parked on the UHV campus by providing patrols of the parking lots. The university does not assume responsibility nor carry any insurance for damages or losses to vehicles or personal property. In the event of a theft or accident, drivers are strongly encouraged to immediately file a police report with UHPD Campus Police and Security (Campus Police) or the City of Victoria Police Department (VPD) and to report the incident to Campus Security, (361) 570-4357 or email

Where to park on UHV Campus
Please refer to the Victoria campus map for the location of UHV and VC parking lots. Parking in Lot “S” on the UHV campus is shared with Victoria College. Parking and traffic regulations in Parking Lot “S” are enforced by the Parking Office and The Victoria College Campus Police and Security.


UHV Employees

Employees from other UHS Components

Alumni or Students from other UHS Components

Alumni or students from other UHS components may park in the following areas:

Campus Visitors

A campus visitor is defined as an individual who is not a student or employee of UHV or VC. Visitors include prospective students, guests, and people from other UHS components, vendors, and the general public. Visitors may park in the following areas:


University students and employees on the Victoria campus must register their vehicles and properly display a valid hanging parking permit. Vehicles are not considered registered until parking permits are properly displayed. A parking permit does not guarantee a parking space but allows an individual to park if space is available.

Before a permit can be issued, students and employees will be required to:

Permit Placement

It is the permit holder's responsibility to always display valid parking permits properly while parked on campus.

Permits may be displayed in any of the following locations:

Types of Permits Issued

Types of permits include:

Common Parking and Traffic Violations

At each campus location, rules, regulations, and violations may vary. It is the driver's responsibility to be aware of each campus’s parking and traffic regulations. Citations will be issued for parking in Fire Zone spaces, Handicap Parking spaces, or parking in Reserved spaces during restricted times. Additionally, citations will be issued for obstructing walkways or traffic flow, failing to stop at stop signs, failure to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks and unsafe driving or activity which endangers others.

Common violations at the UHV campus include:

Reporting Parking Violations

Parking enforcement monitors all parking areas on a regular basis. The monitoring process is not continuous and parking violations can occur between patrols.

Sanctions and Penalties

Per the Texas Education Code, it is prohibited for any person to park a vehicle at an institution of higher education except in a manner designed by the institution and in the spaces marked. Additionally, the university has authority to bar or suspend driving or parking privileges for rule violations.

Fines - Traffic or parking citations may be cleared by paying a fine or successfully appealing the fine. The schedule of fines is based upon violations received each academic year (September 1st through August 31st). Campus parking fine amounts may be viewed in Campus Parking Fines (Supporting Documents).

Vehicles parked on the UHV campus in reserved spaces (including handicap, etc.) without a current decal will be identified through the Texas Department of Public Safety for ownership name and address. The cost of this additional step may be added to the parking violation charge.

Parking violations for parking in a fire lane, handicapped zone, or within 15 feet of a fire plug may be enforced by peace officers or law enforcement. Fines for these violations are filed with the City of Victoria Municipal Court.

Financial Stops – Students - Upon receipt of a parking violation, the Student Billing Office will place financial stops on the students’ account records for the violation. This action will cause future registration, transcript requests and other privileges to be denied pending payment of the fine or a successful appeal of the violation.

Suspension of Parking Privileges - Any individual receiving excessive parking and traffic citations, regardless of paid status, during an academic year (Fall through Summer) is subject to having UHV campus parking privileges suspended for a minimum of 30 days and up to the remainder of the academic year. Excessive citations will be determined based on the frequency and severity of parking and traffic violations.

Towing – Vehicles may be towed. Costs of towing and storage are the responsibility of the owner of the towed vehicle. The owner will also be responsible for any towing company response fee if a tow truck has been dispatched, even if the vehicle has been removed by the driver prior to the response. Campus Security (361) 570-4357, may be contacted for the name and telephone number of the towing company and location of the storage yard for vehicles towed.

As a matter of practice, the university will always attempt to contact the permit holder before towing. However, the university has the right to tow any vehicle without prior notification.

Reasons for towing include:

Where to pay Fines

UHV Fines – Fines must be paid to the UHV Cashier located in Student Billing - Cashier, University West building. Fines may also be paid by mail by sending payment and a copy of the ticket to:

University of Houston-Victoria

Student Billing – Cashier

3007 N. Ben Wilson

Victoria, Texas 77901-5731


VC Fines – Fines must be paid through VC’s College Central, Administration Building. Fines can also be paid by mail by sending payment and a copy of the ticket to:


The Victoria College

Payment Office

2200 E. Red River

Victoria, Texas 77901


Parking Appeal Procedures

Students or employees who receive a parking violation on the UHV campus have 30 calendar days from the citation date to appeal. Your right to appeal is lost after 30 days. Appeals submitted after 30 days will not be accepted. If appealing, do not pay the fine until your appeal has been considered.

(*) NOTE: Citations issued in error by the university may be voided at the discretion of the Vice President of Administration and Finance.  

Special Events Parking

Parking spaces for both employees and students are limited throughout the campus, especially at peak class load times. Parking Lot "T", at the east entrance and abutting Ben Wilson St., is mostly unreserved and available for special events, school buses, employees, and students. No parking permit, either regular or temporary, is required. All special events sponsors should provide event visitors with a copy of a campus map and directions to designated parking lot(s).

If the special event requires the blocking of spaces in a parking lot, a notice shall be sent to all UHV campus employees before the event. The notice will include the identification of the lot, hours to be blocked, and suggest an alternative lot for employee parking.

The use of reserved lots or spaces for university functions should be limited to infrequent functions that involve external representatives who contribute considerable time, effort, and resources on behalf of the university.

Current campus parking areas are readily accessible to primary facilities with short walking distances involved. With a few exceptions, visitors should routinely be directed to Parking Lot "T" where no permit is required, except for reserved spaces, for such purposes. Guests with disabilities should be directed to the closest handicapped accessible parking.

Use of reserved parking is authorized for visitors and functions including but not limited to the following persons or events:

Special reservation of reserved lots or spaces is an exception approved by the President or a Vice-President.

When possible, arrangements should be made so that spaces are only reserved for the time needed. When an attendant is required, it will be sufficient for the attendant to be on hand for no more than 30 minutes before and after the event.

Supporting Documents


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Signature Obtained 06/06/24
Robert K. Glenn, Ph.D.


Next Review Date: June 2026 (3 Years)

Origination: Student Affairs


UHV Campus Parking Fines



Fine Amount



Traffic or parking warning citation

No Fine

Parking in a Lot without proper permit


Parking in Reserved Lot without valid permit


Obstructing a walkway or traffic flow


Permit not properly displayed


Permit expired/No valid permit


Parking in handicapped space without properly licensed and displayed permit

$100 First violation

$200 Second violation

Using a handicap tag not issued to the employee by the State or County


Parking in fire lane


Other violations listed on citation