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Disposal of Surplus Property

Section: General Index: H-6
Subject: Disposal Of Surplus Property


Capital and non-capital assets are all University property and are subject to the same procedures for disposal except for library books. These guidelines apply without regard to original funding source.


The State of Texas permits the Property Manger to dispose of surplus property. Only the authorized Property Manager may sell or, by any other means, dispose of University property. No department or other campus body may hold its own auction or sale of any kind without the approval of the Property Manager with the exception of the Library books in which the Library Director will be responsible for the disposal.

Surplus Inventory

Departments should transfer surplus property to surplus property inventory by using Form PMG-3 to notify the Property Manager. The Property Manager will arrange for the removal and transportation of the property from the department to storage as space becomes available. A list of all surplus property transferred to surplus will be circulated prior to disposal and, from this list, departments may acquire the property at no charge. Items not reassigned in a reasonable period of time are considered surplus and disposed of according to State statutes, UH System and UHV policy.


To the extent the University retains title to the property and the University is free to dispose of it as it chooses, Property Custodians may request that specific obsolete items of property be deleted from the Property Manager's inventory records for purposes of cannibalization. The Property Custodian must send a completed Form PMG-3 to the Property Manager for permission to cannibalize. When permission is authorized, the Property Manager will remove the item from the inventory records. The Property Custodian must return the tag(s) to the Property Manager.

Trade-Ins and Exchanges

In the event property is to be used as a trade-in for the purchase of a new asset, the Property Manager must be advised by Purchasing before any order is placed. The purchase requisition should include all trade-in information pertaining to the asset: the University of Houston-Victoria tag number, serial number, model number, manufacturer's name, age, condition and a realistic estimate of the asset's value. All University tags must be removed and returned to the Property Manager before the property is turned over to the vendor.

Information about property that has been exchanged as a result of a repair request must be documented by memo to the Property Manager. Vendors may exchange property for quicker repair turnaround or repair cost feasibility. In some cases the vendor may return property which is not identical to the item sent for repair. In the event property is exchanged, the department must request the University of Houston-Victoria tag be returned from the vendor and forwarded to the Property Manager. The Property Manager will initiate all necessary changes to property records (if necessary). The exchanged fixed asset will remain on the department inventory at the capital value of the original fixed asset. Exchange fees are considered repair or maintenance and will not be capitalized.

Scrap Disposal

Final disposal of scrap materials resulting from departmental remodeling or renovation is at the discretion of the Property Manager.


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