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Hardik Gohel

Hardik Gohel, Ph.D., Senior Member - IEEE

Assistant Professor & Director of Research
Director of MS Data Science Program & Applied AI Research Lab


Phone: (361) 570-4219

Email Hardik Gohel

UHV- North, Room No. 212P

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Dr. Gohel has extensive research experience in artificial intelligence and his research projects have involved cyber test automation and monitoring, smart bandages for wound monitoring, bigdata for security intelligence, trustworthy cyberspace for security and privacy of social media, predictive maintenance for nuclear infrastructure, and database and mobile forensics infrastructure. Dr. Gohel is also working on how to prepare quality diversified workforce with artificial intelligence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

His independent research program is inspired from his graduate and postdoc studies. He is interested to design and develop robust artificial intelligence and cybersecurity solutions to make human life better. Dr. Gohel is actively working with United States Federal funding agencies and national labs for research collaborations. He is also interested in linkages, and MOUs with government, academia and industry to foster individual and institutional partnerships in a natural and sustainable manner.

Dr. Gohel welcomes motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join his research team and contact him.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, 2015


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