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Step-by-Step Document Upload Instructions

  1. Log in to your myUHV self-service account. Click on the “Task” tile or the “Financial Aid” tile on your home screen.
  2. Click on To Do List
  3. Within your To Do List, find the requested To Do List item that you would like to upload. Click on the document. This will take you to the item's description. You should see an "Upload File" button.  Click on the button to upload a document.
  4. The File Attachment page should display under the “Attach Files” section. Click on the ‘Add’ link to upload a file.
  5. This will open up a window with information about the upload process and a disclosure. Click "OK."
  6. Click the “My Device” icon and then the Browse button. Browse for the appropriate file on your mobile device or computer. To upload a document, it must be in PDF
  7. Once you have located and selected your document, click the "Upload" button. Click “Done.”
  8. You can now click on the view link to preview the attachment you uploaded to confirm it is the correct one. If it is incorrect, you can use the “-“ button to delete the attachment and repeat steps 4-7 to attach the correct one.
  9. To upload additional documents, click the “+” button and repeat steps 4-7.
  10. Once you have confirmed you have added all the files for the particular To Do List item, click on the “Save Uploaded File” button to submit the documents to our office. If you do not click this button, the attachments will not be uploaded or accessible to our office.
  11. If you have other documents to upload, return to the “Task” tile To Do List and repeat the process under the appropriate To Do List items.