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Transfer Plan for Texas State Technical College

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

As part of the Consortium for Advancing Baccalaureate Nursing Education in Texas (“CABNET”) Agreement

This program is based on the 2020-2021 UHV Catalog with Academic Requirements effect 24 August 2020. The nursing program of the University of Houston-Victoria School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development is fully accredited by CCNE – The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

*Core Courses do not need to be completed in a particular order. What is shown is only a sample. Consult with your TSTC advisor and UHV preadvisor.

TSTC Courses

10 Communication – 6 semester hours

20 Mathematics – 3 semester hours

30 Life and Physical Sciences – 15 semester hours

40 Language, Philosophy and Culture – 3 semester hours

50 Creative Arts – 3 semester hours

60 American History – 6 semester hours

70 Government/ Political Science – 6 semester hours

80 Social and Behavioral Science – 3 semester hours

90 Component Area – 6 semester hours

Nursing Courses

Apply for TSTC Summer Graduation (2 max at UHV summer session while on fast track)

UHV (Core)

3 semester hours

Nursing Courses

Apply for UHV Graduation – Bachelor’s (End of first semester – Beginning of second semester)