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Transfer Plan for Texas State Technical College

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
in Biology, Biotechnology, Communication, General Business, General Studies, Legal Assistance & Administration, Marketing or Psychology

Total of 40 hours must be upper division level.

30 of the last 36 upper division semester hours must be completed at UHV.

TSTC Courses (AA)*

10 Communication – 6 semester hours

20 Mathematics – 3 semester hours

30 Life and Physical Sciences – 6 semester hours

40 Language, Philosophy and Culture – 3 semester hours

50 Creative Arts – 3 semester hours

60 American History – 6 semester hours

70 Government/ Political Science – 6 semester hours

80 Social and Behavioral Science – 3 semester hours

90 Component Area – 6 semester hours

Technical or Vocational Courses

Lower Division Free Electives

15 semester hours

UHV (BAAS) – 13 semester hours

Concentration/Specialization (select one)

Upper Division Free Electives


* Courses may only be offered online through TSTC.
** Only offered in Victoria, TX.
Lower Division (LD), Community College-Level: Freshman, 1000-level /Sophomore, 2000-level.
Upper Division (UD), University-Level: Junior, 3000-level /Senior, 4000-level.