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PA Concentration Degree Plan

Psychological Associate Degree Plan

Counseling Psychology M.A. program degree plan for entering students in 2020 and after

Psychological Associate (PA) concentration

The University of Houston­-Victoria offers two concentrations in the 60 ­semester credit hour Counseling psychology master’s degree. Both include 51 hours of coursework and 9 hours of practical experience.

Degree Requirements

The counseling psychology concentration degree plans have a common core of 48 semester credit hours which include 9 semester credit hours of practicum. Each concentration degree plan has an additional requirement of 12 semester credit hours. 

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Concentration Requirements

Psychological Associate (PA) Concentration (12 semester credit hours)

PSYC 6315 Advanced Learning

PSYC 6328 Biological Psychology

PSYC 6341 Behavior Management

For PA Concentration ONLY, students MUST choose one elective course from the following four options:

PSYC 6319 Vocational Psychology and Career Counseling

PSYC 6322 Treatment of Psychopathology 

PSYC 6350 Addictions Counseling

PSYC 6351 Crisis Intervention

Concentration selection: 

Students must formally select the PA or PC concentration upon satisfactory (B or better) completion of the following courses: 

PSYC 6321 Psychopathology 

PSYC 6333 Ethics and Practice of Psychology

PSYC 6334 Theories and Issues of Psychotherapy

PSYC 6336 Intellectual Assessment

PSYC 6332  Advanced Social Psychology

PSYC 6335 Techniques of Psychotherapy

PSYC 6337  Personality Assessment

PSYC 6352 Professional Practices in Counseling Psychology