University of Houston-Victoria

UHV students battle with foam-padded jousting sticks April 11 during the spring carnival put on by student organizations. View more carnival photos.

UHV Interim President Vic Morgan, back center, poses with UHV baseball coach Terry Puhl and his family members during the March 28 baseball tailgate. View more baseball tailgate photos.

UHV business students and faculty members pose in front of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing after attending a lecture there during a summer study abroad trip.

Graduates have the option of taking part in commencement ceremonies in Victoria or Katy each year. Find out the steps to a successful graduation.

Students make lifelong friendships at Jaguar Hall and Jaguar Court residence halls. Find out more about UHV student living.

You can become a biologist, video game designer, psychologist and more with a degree through the School of Arts & Sciences. Get more information now.

The School of Business Administration hosts BBA and MBA conferences each year to bring together students before they graduate. For more information, visit the School of Business Administration.

Learn how you can make a difference as a teacher with a degree through the School of Education & Human Development. Find out more.