University of Houston-Victoria

Victim Intervention and Prevention


Our Mission

The UHV Victim Intervention and Prevention (VIP) program is committed to implementing creative, research driven prevention and intervention strategies to effectively address interpersonal violence in the UHV community. We believe that a learning and living environment safe from fear, violence or abuse is essential to an environment of equality and excellence. We encourage safe, healthy and respectful relationships, and violence against any person at the University of Houston Victoria is unacceptable. The VIP program collaborates with people of all genders, backgrounds, races, classes, ages, sexual orientations, political positions, religious beliefs, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities to create a space for all voices to be heard.


VIP Program provides intervention and prevention services related to interpersonal violence to all members of the UHV community at all three campuses. This includes:

  • Advocacy. VIP provides advocacy service to survivors of violence in the UHV community. The VIP Program can provide assistance in accessing and navigating services, resources and referrals both on and off campus. Advocacy services include accompaniment to the hospital for sexual assault forensic exams, accompaniment to speak with faculty or staff regarding a problematic issue, to make a report to law enforcement, or to court if/when a victim is required to testify; providing assistance with academic, medical, counseling, or other practical needs that a student or staff person may request.
  • Consultation. VIP serves to consult with members of the UHV community by phone, e-mail or in person to provide information, resources and referrals regarding issues related to interpersonal violence.
  • Educational programming. VIP offers tailored educational programming for students and staff about interpersonal violence, including dating and domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.
  • Training. By request, VIP offers training programs for faculty, staff and administration. Program topics can include responding effectively to power-based personal violence; creating a safe campus/classroom/office; campus and community resources and referrals, and other topics as requested.