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Writing and the Job Search

In this series of handouts, you'll find information about writing resumes and about writing the different kinds of letters that you may need as you search for employment.




Writing Your Resume: This handout provides information about what to include or exclude when writing your resume.


Resume Worksheet:This form will help you to identify the key points that you wish the resume to convey. If you can't figure out how to start your resume, this worksheet is for you!


Action Verbs for Resumes: Action verbs can provide energy to your resume. This handout provides a list of action verbs. This link will open in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.


Checklist for Resumes: This handout provides a checklist for resumes. 


Creating Scannable Resumes: Human resource departments (especially in large companies) often use computer systems to increase their efficiency in handling resumes. So, you may have more than one resume—a traditional resume to bring to an interview and a scannable resume. The employer may ask for a scannable resume, or you may want to call the human resources department and ask if they would prefer a scannable resume. You also may include both a traditional and scannable resume with your cover letter and indicate that the scannable resume is for that purpose.




Cover Letters: This handout discusses a four-paragraph construction for cover letters and describes what to include in each paragraph.


Checklist for Cover Letters: This handout provides a checklist for cover letters. 


Prospecting Letters: Prospecting letters are often used in long-distance job searches but are used also to contact organizations that may not currently have a listed position.