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Title IX and Equal Opportunity

About the UHV Here For You Campaign

The UHV Here For You Campaign provides a University-wide coordinated effort to share vital resources with students and promote inclusion and belonging at UHV. Individual campaign topics are recommended by the Title IX & Equal Opportunity Office and approved by the President.

UHV Here For You Calendar of Events

UHV Here For You Participating Departments

UHV Here For You Digital Education Series (more coming soon!)

The Program joins department efforts and creates a direct line from top-level leaders to students. The Campaign encourages participation by staff, faculty, and administrative leaders. In creating new dialogue on resources and positive change, the University hopes to better promote belonging among all groups of students at every level of the University.

For Heritage Month celebrations, visit the Student Life Diversity & Inclusion Newsletter for ongoing campus events.

Why Equal Opportunity?

Many of the campaign topics throughout the year feature issues that disproportionately affect protected groups of people. Some campaigns are even directly linked to a group's access to education. For instance, suicide prevention training and services help students who may have been harassed or bullied based on their protected class (such as sexual orientation or identity). Another example may be safety services related to sexual misconduct (such as dating violence, stalking, sexual assault, or other misconduct) to prevent discrimination based on sex. Other education efforts prevent bias or microaggressions based on race or national origin. Additional prevention campaigns may target a general trend that has compounding effects across minority populations.

Campaign Design

Each campaign includes educational training components such as in-person training, educational posters, digital ads, and awareness events. The campaign also connects campus leaders with the student by facilitating online dialogue between campus leaders and students. Campus leaders, staff, and faculty are encouraged to send messages of support to current students as well as information about services. Faculty and campus leaders are invited to attend awareness events including forums to discuss student concerns.

UHV Here For You Calendar of Events

September: Campus Safety Awareness Month 

Spotlight on Campus events in September!

October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Disability Awareness Month

November: Self-Harm Prevention Month

January: Stalking Awareness Month 

February: Dating Violence Awareness Month 

March: Human Rights Awareness and Real-World Safety Month 

April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month  

May: Accessibility Awareness Month 

June: Pride Month