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Anti-Discrimination Policy

The University of Houston-Victoria strives to maintain and strengthen an educational, working, and living environment where students, employees, and visitors are free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

The Anti-Discrimination Policy protects community members from discrimination "on the basis of race, color, sex (including pregnancy), genetic information, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected status." The Policy includes protected classes for sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

The University of Houston System Anti-Discrimination Policy (find link to full policy at bottom of this page):

  • Defines discrimination and harassment;
  • Includes descriptions of protected classes of persons;
  • Provides options for services to address concerns; and
  • Establishes a mechanism to process complaints against students, employees and visitors.

Anti-Discrimination Reports 

Have you experienced any form of discrimination or harassment as a student, employee or visitor to campus? If so, you may file an online report or contact the Equal Opportunity Coordinator to learn more about our policies and services.

Rebecca Lake
Senior Director for Equal Access
Title IX and Equal Opportunity Coordinator
University of Houston-Victoria
3007 N. Ben Wilson St.
University West, Room 116
Victoria, TX 77901
(361) 570-4835

Anti-Discrimination Formal Complaint

In order for possible negative action to happen to an employee or student for a discrimination policy violation, there must be a formal complaint. To have a complaint formally investigated, complete the Formal Complaint Questionnaire from the Equal Opportunity Office in person, by email or regular mail.

Pregnant or Parenting Students

The University provides additional resources and services to students who identify as pregnant or parenting to the Title IX and Equal Opportunity Office. To learn more about the rights and services available to pregnant or parenting students, please visit Pregnant and Parenting Student Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Equal Opportunity Coordinator. 

Faculty or staff who receive requests from pregnant or parenting students are encouraged to contact the Equal Opportunity Coordinator for consultaiton.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accommodations

An ADA Coordinator oversees efforts to comply with and implement university policies regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  The ADA Coordinator can discuss options, provide support, explain University policies and procedures and provide education on relevant issues.

Employee Disability Services

Laura Smith
Director of Human Resources
University North Suite 110

Student Disability Services

Cheryl Worley
Manager Disability Services and At-Risk Programs for Students
University Commons, 2108A 

Technology Accessibility

UHV strives to achieve technology accessibility for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Accessible technology ensures quality interactions with online and classroom technologies, workplace applications, campus messaging and website content. UHV values and benefits from inclusion of a diverse body of students, faculty and staff members. Technology accessibility empowers these individuals to access resources in their academic and career pursuits.

To learn more, visit the Technology Accessibility page or review the UH System Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Policy (find link to full policy at bottom of this page).

Student & Employee Training and Prevention

Our goal is to ensure that faculty, staff and students understand and know their rights and responsibilities to help maintain a discrimination-free environment at UHV. We provide training opportunities both online as well as interactive, face-to-face settings. All employees must complete face-to-face training during new hire orientation in addition to online training requirements.

Schedule training for your group by calling your Equal Opportunity Coordinator at (361)570-4835.

Policy Links

University of Houston System Anti-Discrimination Policy (or see Anti-Discrimination Policy HTML version).

University of Houston System Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Policy (or see Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Policy HTML version).