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Taking the TSI Assessment 2.0 Online through UHV Testing Services

On the day before your appointment, an email will be sent with additional reminders, and you will receive an invite to join Microsoft TEAMS. You are required to download the program to your computer. The webapp cannot be used for testing.Due to COVID-19 impacts, the TSI Assessment is available online through UHV Testing Services. Exams are taken on the Accuplacer platform and are monitored by a live proctor through Microsoft Teams video chat application. Students need to verify system requirements and internet connection before registering for an online appointment. 

If you have questions about verifying your system, please contact Testing Services, testing@uhv.edu.

Verify Accuplacer System Requirements


1. Check that your computer can run ACCUPLACER. Verify system requirements at TSIA2.accuplacer.org. Click on Verify System.

Screenshot of Accuplacer website with verify system button circled with a red arrow pointing at it.


2. Check that features Pass. Install/change any settings as required. Note: Mobile devices may NOT be used for testing. Only laptops or desktops are allowed and must have webcam and microphone (internal or external). Tablets, iPads, and/or cellphones CANNOT be used to test.

Screenshot of verifying system requirements with Pass/Fail on Accuplacer.

3. Check your extended information as well. 

Screenshot of computer information during TSI system requirements verification.

4. If your connection speed is low, try these steps to increase speed. Then check your speed again.

  • Have all other devices disconnected from Wi-Fi or Network (no one else is using the internet). Other devices, streaming services (such as Netflix), or playing video games may slow down your internet connection and disconnect you from your exam.
  • If possible, connect with an Ethernet cable or move as close as possible to your router.


Installing Microsoft Teams (After registering, complete this step once you receive notification by email that you have been added to Teams.)

1. Go to the Microsoft Teams website, download and install Teams: https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/download-app.

2. To check that Teams was set up correctly, make a test call. Instructions are here, https://support.office.com/en-us/article/manage-your-call-settings-in-teams-456cb611-3477-496f-b31a-6ab752a7595f. See MAKE A TEST CALL and CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT MIC, SPEAKER, OR CAMERA. Please use the option to join with video.


Registering for the TSI Assessment

  1. Complete the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity by creating an account and logging into the Accuplacer Study App. Then choose Texas Success Initiative 2.0 Pre-Assessment Activity.

2. After completing TSI Pre-Assessment Activity, forward complete confirmation email to testing@uhv.edu, or print and have ready for test day.

3. Choose a testing date and pay for the exam at RegisterBlast, https://www2.registerblast.com/uhv/Exam/List.

4. A confirmation email is sent with additional details about your appointment. Please read it carefully. 

5. On the day before your appointment, an email will be sent with additional reminders, and you will receive an invite to join Microsoft TEAMS. You are required to download the program to your computer. The webapp cannot be used for testing.


Testing Fees (Paid online on RegisterBlast)

Math: $7.00

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR): $10.50


On Test Day

Have the following testing materials ready:

1. TWO pencils. Mechanical pencils are not permitted.

2. THREE (3) sheets of scratch paper. Must be unused and clean of any marks. Paper with earned marks is not permitted.

3. Valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state ID card, passport, permanent resident card, handgun license, or tribal ID), or school photo ID. 

4. Test Voucher or voucher number

Headphones are optional. Calculators, cellphones, and other electronic devices are not permitted and cannot be in the room. If you are testing on a desktop computer, a cellphone will be required to complete space validation. Once validation is complete, the phone must be switched off and placed away from the test area. 


Get ready for your appointment:

1. Check your internet connection speed, and verify requirements again. 

2. Inform others that you will be testing to ensure quiet, secure test session. Kindly ask others to refrain from using online services to prevent disruptions while testing. 

3. Have your testing materials, photo ID, voucher number ready, and TSI pre-assessment activity certificate (if not emailed to testing@uhv.edu) ready.

4. Clear desk/testing area of ALL unnecessary objects and prohibited items.

5. Double screens are not allowed. Secondary screen must be removed prior to appointment.

6. Close all third party programs. 

7. Open Microsoft teams and join the meeting with video option 15 minutes before appointment. 

8. Follow the proctor's instructions.

9. Testing sessions are recorded to maintain test security.

10. Option to print score report is available and/or sent to your email. 

11. Score report is sent to UHV Admissions and Recruitment after testing. 



TSIA (before January 11, 2021)  TSIA2 (after January 11, 2021)
Subject College Readiness Scores Subject College Readiness Scores
Math 350 or higher Math CRC 950 – 990
CRC 910 – 949 AND Diagnostic Level 6
Reading   351 or higher English Language Arts and Reading* CRC 945 – 990 AND Essay 5 – 8
CRC 910 – 944 AND Diagnostic Level 5 – 6 AND Essay 5-8
Writing 340 or higher AND an essay score of at least 4; OR A placement score of less than 340 and an ABE diagnostic level of at least a 4 and an essay score of at least 5

*Students who are incomplete in Reading or Writing and wish to retest in one of the subjects will have to take the TSIA2 ELAR Test as reading and writing are no longer available as separate subjects.


Other Information

All incoming college students are required to take the TSI Assessment unless already exempt. The TSI Assessment is a program designed to help determine college-level coursework readiness in the general areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The TSI Assessment program also will help determine what type of course(s) or intervention will best meet the student's needs to become better prepared for college-level coursework if they are not ready.

For information on requirements and exemptions, see the Academic Catalog, https://catalog.uhv.edu/content.php?catoid=3&navoid=155#tsi-and-transfer-students.

The TSI Assessment is a computer-based exam that is response adaptive (the next question is determined by how the previous question was answered). Test scores are available upon completing the test and should be interpreted by an academic advisor.



No Cell Phones Allowed

Cell phones, watches, and other electronic communication or photographic devices are prohibited in testing rooms. Possession or use of cell phones or other devices may result in dismissal from the testing room and the voiding of test score(s). If taking a standardized test (e.g., TExES/ExCET, MAT, or BTLPT), please read admission ticket and other registration materials carefully.

Note: Consult your admission ticket to learn the location of your exam.

Questions and Contact Information:

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