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Nelson-Denny and TSIA 2 are available online, and TCEQ, MAT, and Correspondence appointments are available at the test center. PearsonVUE, including the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program, remain unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Computer-based Occupational Licensing Exams

The UHV Testing Center is an official computer-based testing site on behalf of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Upon receiving an approval letter from TCEQ, the applicant will need to register with RegisterBlast to take the TCEQ exam.

Examinations available for CBT by Licensing Program:

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT) - written portion
  • Customer Service Inspectors
  • Landscape Irrigation
    • Landscape Irrigation Technician (English Only)
    • Landscape Irrigation Inspector
    • Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST)
  • Municipal Solid Waste Facility Supervisors
    • Class A (4 hour time limit)
    • Class B (2 hour time limit)
  • On-site Sewage Facility (OSSF)
    • OSSF Maintenance Provider
    • OSSF Designated Representative
    • OSSF Installer I
    • OSSF Installer II
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) On-Site Supervisor
    • UST A
    • UST B
  • Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Operators
    • Class I Wastewater Collection System Operator
    • Class II Wastewater Collection System Operator
    • Class III Wastewater Collection System Operator
    • Class B Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Class C Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Class D Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
  • Water Treatment and Distribution System Operators
    • Class A Water Operator (6 hour time limit)-Call for availability prior to registering. Immediate retest is not available for this exam.
    • Class B Groundwater Operator
    • Class B Surface Water Operator
    • Class B Water Distribution
    • Class C Groundwater Operator
    • Class C Surface Water Operator
    • Class C Water Distribution
    • Class D Water
  • Water Treatment Specialists
    • Class III
    • Class II
    • Class I

The Internet-based occupational licensing exams are generally administered in Suite 1129 in Jaguar Hall (Building 7 on the Victoria campus map).


Things to Know Before Taking a TCEQ Exam

Examinees will not be allowed to test without providing one of the following valid IDs: state-issued driver’s license or identification card, military ID, or passport.

Examinees are responsible for obtaining TCEQ approval to take the exam before registering and must bring their approval letters to their testing appointment; no refunds will be given to examinees that cannot test because TCEQ approval has not been obtained.

Candidates are allowed one (1) immediate retest per day after failing an exam during his/her one year approval period. If the candidate chooses to take advantage of this option, they must notify the Testing Center during registration by checking the retest option, and pay an additional $43.50 before retesting. Candidates retesting cannot access testing materials or personal items between tests.

The following devices are prohibited, are not allowed in the testing room, and may not be accessed during scheduled or unscheduled breaks: cell phones, telephones, watch alarms, any handheld electronic or photographic device, dictionaries, translators, books, notes, mechanical pencils and pens, food, drinks, gum, candy and tobacco. An examinee that uses a cell phone or has a cell phone during the test session will be dismissed. The scores may be voided, and administration fees will not be refunded.

Communication among examinees, for any reason, is prohibited during the test. Examinees should only communicate with testing personnel. Examinees that are observed communicating with other examinees will be dismissed immediately, the incident will be reported to the TCEQ, and testing fees will be forfeited.

Upon completion of the test, examinee will receive a report of their results. The Testing Center staff cannot interpret the test results.

Because testing space is limited and oftentimes in high demand, the $43.50 testing fee is non-refundable. TCEQ tests can only be rescheduled without forfeiting testing fees if examinees contact the Testing Center at least 24 hours before their appointments.

The following items are allowed during TCEQ Testing:

  • Pencils (provided)
  • Scratch paper (provided by the proctor and collected after testing)
  • Four function calculator (provided)
  • Landscape Irrigator (Examinee is permitted to bring and use an engineering scale and graph paper during the examination)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (Examinees are allowed to bring and use training manuals, notes, copies of rules, etc.  These are open book examinations).

More information about the TCEQ exams, including a list of exams and test centers


No Cell Phones Allowed

Cell phones, watches, and other electronic communication or photographic devices are prohibited in testing rooms. Possession or use of cell phones or other devices may result in dismissal from the testing room and the voiding of test score(s). If taking a standardized test (e.g., TExES/ExCET, MAT, or BTLPT), please read admission ticket and other registration materials carefully.

Note: Consult your admission ticket to learn the location of your exam.

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