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Study Abroad

Exchange Partnerships and Programs

University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) partners with international universities across the world, where you can study as a visiting student and access the programs offered by your host institution. As a visiting student on an exchange program, you will have the opportunities in finding course work in your major or in elective subjects while living and learning in an entirely new country, different to your own culture and experiences.

UHV has the following programs available as exchange programs:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Complete at least one year at UHV before studying abroad.
  • Must demonstrate seriousness of purpose and clear reasons for choosing a particular study abroad country and program
  • Must demonstrate emotional stability and maturity

Major Declaration
To apply for study abroad, students must at least preliminarily choose a major and make study abroad plans on the basis of that choice. Undeclared students should talk with academic advisers and the Study Abroad adviser before starting the study abroad exchange program.

If students then change their mind or have already declared a major but decide to switch majors or schools, they must review their study abroad plans with their new major adviser and School representatives so that they are aware of the change in academic status and can help ensure proper credit transfer.

Health and Safety

The University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) requires that students obtain mandatory international travel, health and security insurance, through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), for all education abroad opportunities. 

International Programs (IP) will provide students with a detailed policy description defining all items covered and not covered along with an insurance card prior to your departure. For a few programs (generally, those which include country specific national insurance), you will receive the additional insurance information onsite. See CISI International Insurance Guidelines for more information. If you will spend extra time overseas before or after your program, we strongly encourage you to purchase adequate insurance to cover that time. CISI will allow students, staff and faculty to purchase up to 30 days of insurance beyond the dates of the UHV coverage. You can contact CISI directly to add additional coverage time after receiving your insurance card for the program dates.

UHV requires that you retain US health insurance while enrolled as a student at UHV. This includes while enrolled on a Study Abroad Program. CISI insurance does not qualify as US health insurance because it is travel insurance with coverage that begins when you leave the US and ends upon your return to the US. Your US health insurance will cover you both before you leave, and after you return from your program. Should you have an accident or illness overseas that requires long-term care once you return, US health insurance will also provide coverage for these expenses.

The travel, health and security insurance coverage through CISI is specifically exempt from the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and was not intended to and does not satisfy a person’s obligation to secure minimum essential coverage beginning in 2014 under the ACA. The University encourages travelers to consult with their legal counsel or tax adviser for information on their obligations under the ACA.

To receive more information pertaining to CISI please connect with a staff member of the International Programs at StudyAbroad@uhv.edu 

Student Conduct
The International Programs Office consults with Student Affairs at UHV to determine whether applicants have committed any misconduct or housing violations and to ascertain the circumstances surrounding any such violations. As part of the study abroad exchange program application, students will be asked to submit a personal statement and meet with the Study Abroad adviser to discuss incidents and implications for study abroad. This information will be used in determining suitability for study abroad and may also be shared with the study abroad selection committee in making the decision on study abroad exchange candidacy. Student who commit misconduct or housing violations after they are approved but before the study abroad begins may not be permitted to study abroad.

Exchange Program Selection
All interested students are required to submit the completed Study Abroad Exchange Application, along with two recommendation letters (at least one from UHV faculty/staff), two-page personal statement indicating the interest of studying abroad and how the student is prepared to study abroad, and a completed check-list of items.  Upon completion of the documents, a committee will select the Study Abroad Exchange candidate. For more information pertaining to the Study Abroad Exchange Programs, please contact the International Programs Office or email.


Study Abroad Appointments 

Face-2-Face appointments: 

  • Victoria: Tuesdays 10-2pm (by appointment), Wednesday 11am-3pm (by appointment), Friday 10am-2pm (by appointment)
  • Katy: Wednesday 10-4pm (by appointment), Friday 10-2pm (by appointment)

Appointments must be made using Microsoft Bookings at  https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/InternationalProgramsAdmissionsandInternationalStudentServices@student.uhv.edu/bookings/

Weekly Study Abroad Sessions
Every Wednesday at 3pm  US Central Standrad Time 



After careful assessment of local, national, and global developments resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the University of Houston- Victoria has decided to cancel all fall 2020 Study Abroad programs. This includes all faculty-led  programs as well as affiliated, exchange, student service organization  programs, sponsored scholarship, fellowship, or research opportunities abroad, and any other  programs that would be considered international travel for curricular or co-curricular purposes. 

Students may continue to plan their spring 2021 programs abroad with the help of their International Programs advisor. However, students should understand that future Study Abroad opportunities are subject to change based on conditions both in the U.S. and abroad. International Programs will continue to update additional information. Students are strongly encouraged to contact International Programs to discuss other options by emailing international@uhv.edu