University of Houston-Victoria

Student Success Coaches

Early Alert (ASR)

Academic Success Referrals or ASRs

What is an ASR?

An Academic Success Referral or ASR is an early intervention tool that the University of Houston-Victoria uses to identify & contact students that exhibit behaviors or habits that inhibit their success in the classroom. 

It is our belief that early intervention allows time & opportunity for students to make necessary adjustments to their academic performance through the use of academic services/resources, communication with faculty, & support from their Success Coach/advisor.

ASRs come from the faculty & are processed by the Success Coaches.  Faculty members are encouraged to submit referrals when students display academic, social, or emotional difficulties, such as:

  • Failure to complete & turn in assignments
  • Failure to read & understand assigned readings
  • Frequent absences (or stop attending)
  • Poor participation in discussions
  • Poor study skills
  • Poor understanding of course content
  • Poor writing skills
  • Weak performance on major exams & assignments
  • Weak performance on quizzes &/or homework
  • General concerns

ASRs are not meant to stop communication between professor and students.