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Delegating Access Frequently Asked Questions


Delegated access allows a UHV student to name a delegate to their myUHV self-service account. This individual can view and/or take action in the account – like a pay a bill, view financial aid, or view enrollment.  This feature is available in MyUHV Student Self-Service portal.

No, you do not need to update this each term, but we do recommend students periodically review the access they have granted to delegates.

Please note this process needs to be completed for every individual the student wants to delegate.

Information that is displayed on the delegates’ page is covered by FERPA, as stated on the User Agreement when a student assigns access to a delegate; however, this FERPA agreement does not cover any student education records that are being requested by phone or in-person. Access to any student education records outside of the delegated access functionality will require a FERPA request form to be submitted to the Office of Registrar & Student Records.

A delegate has access to view information and take action until their access is revoked by the student.

Naming a delegate or making changes to their access can happen at any time.

If you do not want anyone to be your delegate and access your account, you do not need to do anything! If you change your mind in the future, you can follow the instructions.

This is possible! Students control what their delegates can see or not see from the beginning. This also can be changed over time. Want a delegate to pay your bill but not see your grades? This is possible.

Whether you are adding/editing access or removing someone entirely - this change has to be initiated by the student in their account.

You may grant a member of your scholarship organization or your scholarship donor delegated access to your records. However, scholarship payments should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Currently, delegates can do the following things:

  • View a bill and make a payment
  • View contact information
  • View emergency contacts
  • View grades
  • View holds on an account
  • View a student’s To Do List

Anyone the student wants – a parent, guardian, sibling, spouse or someone else. The process is started by the student.

You may want to set this up is if you would like to share you grades with your parents. In addition, if you would like your parents to make a payment on a tuition balance, you can authorize your parents to make that payment directly.