University of Houston-Victoria

Student Records

Granting Access

STEP 1: Student logs in to Student Self-Service.

STEP 2: Student clicks on the Share My Information tile to navigate the Share My Information page.

STEP 3: Student clicks on the Delegate Access To A New Contact button.

STEP 4: Student enters the information of the delegate that they would invite to access their information and then clicks on the Authenticate Identity button.

STEP 5: Student clicks on the Send PIN to email button.

STEP 6: Student receives email for the PIN.

STEP 7: Student enters the PIN on the page and clicks on the Verify button.

STEP 8: Student enters a last name and a first name for the digital signature, checks the “I accept the terms and conditions” checkbox, and then clicks on the Save button.

STEP 9: Student receives an email acknowledgment that contains a key to be used by the delegate.

STEP 10: The delegate receives an email with instructions to create an account to access the student’s information.

STEP 11: The delegate clicks on the link in the email and then enters their information.

STEP 12: The delegate clicks the Create Account button and is presented with a confirmation message. They should also receive email confirmation that contains their User ID assigned to them for logging in.

STEP 13: The delegate can now login by using the portal below with the User ID that has been assigned to them and a password that they have created.

If the delegate has access to multiple students’ records, they can select from the students list.