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Student Organization Communication & Marketing Options

  1. Banners
    1. Student organizations may create banners (supplies provided in The Den located at University Commons, Suite 2201) to hang in University Commons or Jaguar Hall Lobby.
    2. Email Molly Duke at for approval prior to hanging banners.
  2. Bulletin Boards
    1. We have two large bullet boards on campus (University Commons 1st floor and Jaguar Hall next to Security Office) for student organization use only.
    2. Student organizations can post meeting or event flyers for all of campus to view, without approval from Marketing & Communications (M&C).
  3. Displaying Flyer/Posters
    1. Student organizations are welcome to post 11”x17” flyers on the silver bars across campus, after they have been approved by M&C. Please follow the Marketing & Communications Approval Process for Graphics listed above for approval. Once approved, 20 posters will be printed for the student organizations by Student Involvement.
    2. Student organizations may also post 24”x36” posters around campus. Once approved by M&C, please contact Molly Duke at for more information.
  4. Email
    1. Student organizations are welcome to send emails regarding events, meetings, and announcements to students via
  5. GroupMe Application
    1. Student organizations are welcome to share their meetings/events on the UHV Student Organization GroupMe group.
    2. If needing to be added to the GroupMe application, please email Molly Duke at and include your cell phone number.
  6. JagSync Options
    1. Mandatory: Create an Event Registration on JagSync for approval and to be posted for all students, faculty, and staff to view (general body meetings must also be created under the Event option).
    2. Create a message within JagSync to email members of your organization.
  7. Monday Memo
    1. Student organizations are welcome to include their meetings/events on the Student Involvement Monday Memo sent every Monday to students.
    2. Email Dominic Flores at your event/meeting details by 5 p.m. the Wednesday before.
  8. News Release
    1. M&C will help student organizations plan and implement publicity outside of the university for large-scale events. Publicity for events involving press releases, articles, and advertising in newspapers, radio, and TV must be publicized in coordination with the Marketing and Communications Department. These types of events could include major speakers (local or national), workshops, and larger scale events or opportunities.
    2. To have a news release, you must submit an online request through Requests must be sent four weeks in advance of the completion date.
  9. Social Media
    1. Create your own student organization social media pages and email Molly Duke at to add them to the university social media list.
    2. Share your events/meetings on social media and if creating and sharing a graphic, please seek approval from M&C, prior to posting.
    3. If wanting it posted on Student Involvement social media pages, send event/meeting information and graphic to Molly Duke at
  10. Student Government Association (SGA) Meetings
    1. Student organizations are encouraged to attend SGA meetings to make announcements about their events/meetings.
  11. Tabling to promote event or recruit for organization
    1. Student organizations are welcome to reserve a table in one of the lobbies on campus (University Commons, University Center, and Jaguar Hall) to recruit new members or promote an event/meeting.
    2. The tabling location must be reserved on the University Calendar 48 hours (about 2 business days) prior to event.
  12. TV Monitors
    1. Student organizations can submit a graphic design to be displayed on the TV monitors across campus. Please follow the Marketing & Communications Approval Process for Graphics listed above for approval. Once approved, M&C will deploy the digital slide across campus.
  13. University Calendar
    1. Mandatory: Student organizations must submit their events/meetings on the University Calendar for approval and to be posted for all students, faculty, and staff to view.
    2. The University Calendar is how organizations/departments reserve locations on campus.