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Event Process

Please complete the following steps when hosting an event, meeting, or activity on or off campus or virtually.

  1. Submit an Event Registration form on JagSync, two weeks prior to the event. Once you log into JagSync, you will need to go to the Admin Dashboard, then select the + sign in the top left corner. Then select to create an Event.
  2. Once approved on JagSync, submit event on the University Calendar to secure your campus location two weeks prior to the event.
  3. If a student organization wants to market their event to campus, there are several ways this can be done. Please refer to the Student Organization Communication & Marketing Options information in section 8 of this guide.
  4. If a student organization wants to request university funds for their event, they must complete the Student Organization Funding Request Form on JagSync, two weeks prior.
  5. If a student organization is serving food and/or drinks at a publicized event or meeting, they must complete and email a UHV Temporary Food Dealer's Permit/Request Form to Stuart Sherman, Sr. Director of Emergency Management, at at least 3 business days prior to the event.