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Student Organization Advisor

All recognized student organizations are required to have an advisor who is a UHV faculty or staff member. Advisors are critical to the success of a student organization. They are active and involved to promote leadership; they advise the student organization by asking questions; they challenge students and support their efforts. Advisors assist in providing a platform for an organization to pass along valuable information. It may require spending some additional time and effort to work with student organizations, but by building a learning relationship with the students, advisors will promote and enhance student development. The advisor must be named in the space provided on the Register An Organization form and on the roster. If an organization is having difficulty finding an advisor, Student Life can assist in identifying someone for the group.

There are many benefits associated with becoming an advisor to a student organization. These include:

While serving as a student organization advisor, one can be as involved as one would like to be and as your schedule permits. Some general responsibilities of an advisor include: