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Funding Payments

Upon receiving approval from the Student Organizations Funding Committee, student organizations must go through one of the following procedures in order to receive their funding. This is dependent on the form of purchases done by the student organization.


Payment of invoices must be submitted to Student Involvement within 48 hours of receipt. A hard copy of the approved Student Organization Funding Request Form and an approved “Request for Payment Form” must be provided with the invoice. Original receipts and invoices must be submitted to Student Involvement within 48 hours of purchase.

All invoices should be billed to:

Organization’s Name

University of Houston-Victoria

3007 N. Ben Wilson

Victoria, TX 77901

All invoices must have the following information:

Vendor’s name and address

Date of purchase

Itemized list of what was purchased

Amount of purchase

Depending on the items requested, student organizations can receive funding through purchasing their items with Student Involvement.

A student organization officer must schedule an appointment with the Director of Student Involvement to make a purchase run. Appointments must be made a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

If you have any questions about the policies, procedures, guidelines, and/or forms as previously discussed, please be sure to direct your questions to Student Involvement and/or the SGA Advisor.