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University Recognition

Recognition Procedure for a New Student Organization

Five (5) students can form an interest group to start the process of becoming a recognized student organization.  Interest groups must Register An Organization through JagSync.

After the Register An Organization process has been completed, temporary status is granted to the groups that are in the process of forming until they are approved by the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO). During this time, interest groups are treated similar, with the same rights and responsibilities as recognized organizations, with the exception of the amount of funding they can request from the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC). Within the period of initial formation, the Department of Student Life can provide assistance in marketing the organization and recruiting student members.

Recognized student organizations and interest groups have freedom of choice in the selection of members, provided that there is no discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, or gender. Fraternities and sororities are able to limit membership based on gender, but on no other factor. Nationally recognized honor societies are able to limit membership based on various requirements such as a minimum grade point average, academic discipline, unit requirement or classification, but no other factor. Provisions for non-student members may be made, but non-students may not outnumber student members in any organization.

What is JagSync?

JagSync is the gateway for all students to get involved and stay connected at UHV. It is an online community where you can connect to recognized student organizations, interest groups, and departments to find out what’s happening on campus. JagSync will also help student leaders to streamline their involvement by organizing, managing, and communicating with their members all in one place. It allows student organizations to manage records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, and track event and meeting attendance.

How to Find JagSync:  To log into JagSync, visit the UHV website. On the top right hand corner of the homepage click “Menu”, please select the “Login to JagSpace” option.  Use your UHV email ID and password to login. Once you login, click the “applications” button at the bottom of the page. Once there, you’ll see a tile for JagSync. Click the JagSync tile, and you’ll be in the system. You can also get to JagSync by utilizing this direct link.

Steps to Recognition for a New Student Organization

  1. Meet with a Student Life staff member for information on starting an interest group or reactivating a former organization.
  2. Complete the Register An Organization process on JagSync or come by the Department of Student Life office located in Jaguar Hall, Suite 1135.
    Sign into JagSync with your UHV email ID and password. Once in JagSync, click on the “Organizations” tab at the top of the page. From there, select the “Register An Organization” tab on the middle left of the page. Choose the “Register A New Organization” icon and press the select tab. Complete the form.
  3. Five (5) UHV students can create an interest group, three (3) of which must hold officer positions and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  4. All interest group officers must be currently enrolled UHV Students.
  5. All interest groups must have:
    • A name of the group.
    • A complete constitution.
    • A faculty/staff advisor. Interest groups and recognized student organizations are required to have an advisor. Please confirm with the advisor that he or she is willing to serve in that role before registering your interest group.
    • Five (5) members, three (3) of which must hold officer positions and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.

*An interest group may form if they have less than five (5) members but they will be ineligible to apply for student organization funds. 

  1. Complete and file the following documents:
    • Constitution regarding organizations method of operation. The following articles should be included in all organizational constitutions:
    1. Name of the Organization
    2. Purpose and Goals of the Organization
    3. Qualifications of Membership/Removal Procedures
    4. Officers, Elections Process, and Officer Duties
    5. Selection of an Advisor process
    6. Meetings
    7. Financial Obligations
    8. Non-Hazing Clause
    9. Constitutional Amendments

*Refer to the Appendix for a sample constitution.  

  1. Completed forms and the constitution are reviewed by the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) comprised of faculty and staff and verify that the organization’s purpose is lawful within the university regulations.
  2. Should COSO determine that the proposed organization does not meet the requirements for recognition, the officers will be notified of the reason. Officers may appeal the decision in writing to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  3. Each organization wishing to continue must complete the procedures for recognition at the beginning of each fall semester.

Recognition of a student organization does not constitute endorsement of the program or purpose by the university. Recognition is simply a charter to exist on the university campus and may be withdrawn by the Department of Student Life if the organization becomes inactive or is found guilty of violating any federal, state, and local laws or university policies and regulations.

Retention of University Recognition

At the beginning of each academic year, student organizations are required to renew their recognized status for that year. To maintain its official university recognition, a student organization and its officers are responsible for complying with pertinent federal, state, and local laws along with the following university regulations:

  • All existing student organizations will need to renew their registration each academic year by updating their profile information on JagSync. On the JagSync home page, click on your organization name under My Memberships, then click the “Manage Organization” box in the top right corner.  You will then select the “Re-Register This Organization” option in the middle of the page.  Follow the instruction.  Organizations will be required to provide the names of at least five (5) current members, including the President, Vice President and Treasurer, and the name of the faculty/staff advisor. You will also need to include a copy of changes and/or additions to the organization’s constitution.
  • Any organizations whose officers fail to renew and submit the required forms on JagSync by the deadline communicated to them shall have official university recognition withdrawn until all documents are received by the Department of Student Life.
  • All organizations must have at least one faculty or staff advisor who is a current employee of UHV.
  • Should the Department of Student Life determine that the organization does not meet the requirements for continued recognition, a written copy of the decision and reason will be given to the organization involved. The decision may be appealed in writing to the Vice President of Student Affairs.