University of Houston-Victoria

Student Life

Support and Services from the Department of Student Life

This section discusses a variety of services and resources provided by the Department of Student Life that are invaluable to the efficiency and success of UHV student organizations. Various members of the Department of Student Life staff provide services and resources to student organizations. However, assisting and advising student organizations are the primary responsibilities of the Director of Student Life and the Student Director assigned to Student Organizations. Please be sure to consult with these individuals for advice and support. Also, we encourage you to offer ideas and suggestions about other desired services and resources to help you and your organization succeed.


The Department of Student Life serves as the liaison between student organizations and university administration, providing access to information from administration and opportunities for students to provide information and input to administration.

Consulting, Support, and Assistance

The Department of Student Life staff also offers a number of consulting and support services which can simplify the operational procedures of running a successful organization, including trainings and a variety of developmental opportunities. The staff serves as consultants to organizations needing special assistance in developing the organization or planning a major event. Contact the Director of Student Life for more details on leadership, recruiting, fundraising, effective planning, dispute resolution, or other special needs.

Assistance in Planning and Running a Successful Organization

The Department of Student Life staff can help organizations plan and implement successful events, as well as help identify problems and suggest solutions. Our experienced professional staff can also assist organizations in planning for successful transition when experiencing changes in leadership.

Assistance in Recruiting

New students attending Jaguar Journey Welcome Weekend at the beginning of every year are encouraged to join student organization portals, they are interested in, on JagSync.  They are also encouraged to attend the Student Organization Fair offered within the first few weeks of school. 

Mailing Lists

Student organizations have the opportunity to email events they may be having to STUORGS-L Listserv.

Publicity Services

The Department of Student Life and Marketing and Communications must approve any flyer/posters and banners for display in designated areas on campus. A limited number of flyers and posters may be posted. For more information on publicity, please see Section 2.4 of the Student Organization Handbook.


Every recognized student organization is issued a mailbox, located in the Department of Student Life in Jaguar Hall, Suite 1135. Organization officers are asked to check their mailbox frequently. Organizations are encouraged to communicate with one another, invite other organization’s members to events, etc. through these mailboxes.

The organization is expected to use the university as its mailing address:

<Name of Organization>

University of Houston - Victoria 

3007 N. Ben Wilson

Victoria, TX 77901

Bulletin Board Space

The bulletin boards are located in the front hallway of Jaguar Hall. Student organizations in recognition status may sign up for one of the bulletin board spaces for the academic year. Bulletin boards are assigned based on the completion of the recognition process on JagSync and are a first-come first-serve basis.   At the end of each fiscal year, organizations are informed to remove all materials from their board so that they may be reassigned the following semester. Each organization is responsible for maintaining its own space and keeping material current. Failure to maintain the bulletin board appropriately may result in loss of the bulletin board space. Organizations are expected to comply with the following rules for posting on bulletin boards:

  • Do not glue or duct tape anything directly to the bulletin boards as it ruins the material.
  • Only use staples or push pins to hang posters and other materials (nails, screws, etc. do not come out).

The Den

The Den is a community space for student organizations that supports organization development and promotional needs of all UHV student organizations. The Den materials can be used for marketing/advertising of student organizations, including the creation of posters, fliers, and banners. Student organizations must follow the guidelines for this shared space, which can be found in The Den. Any organization found not adhering to these policies will lose privileges associated with The Den. The key to The Den may be checked out at the Residence Life Front Desk in Jaguar Hall during the following hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.; Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The Den is not open on Sundays or during University breaks. Student organization members will be asked to provide their Paw Pass or ID when checking out the key. The Den is located in the 11:59 Lounge in Jaguar Hall.