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Student Government Association Funding Guidelines

Funds are available from Student Government Association (SGA), derived from student services fees, to assist student organizations in hosting a variety of professional development programs. These funds are processed through the Student Organizations Funding Committee (SOFC).

The SOFC will be composed of a chair, SGA President, and a minimum of two (2) other members as appointed by the SGA President. A minimum of one (1) of the SOFC members will be a Student Affairs staff member.

Qualifications for Funding

  • Only recognized student organizations with at least five (5) members, and that are in good standing with Department of Student Life will be considered for funding. Offices or departments that are not recognized as a student organization are not eligible. The SOFC will receive a list of student organizations from the Department of Student Life.
  • Organizations must have been established for a minimum of six (6) weeks to be eligible for funding consideration. Organizations that are not yet chartered (i.e., “interest groups”) can be approved for funding under the special circumstances that they have been active as an interest group for at least six (6) weeks.
  • Each chartered organization can receive up to $500 for each academic year (September-August). Each interest group can receive up to half of the amount ($250) received by chartered organizations.
  • Organizations and interest groups receiving funds from other university budgets or costs centers will not be eligible for funding from the Student Organization Cost Center.
  • All organizations are required to appoint at least one student as a Student Government Association Representative; that member or a designated substitute must attend three (3) SGA meetings per semester.

The University of Houston - Victoria Student Government Association Executive Board reserves the right to make an executive decision regarding student organization funding under extreme circumstances as to be decided by the chair.

SOFC Process

In order to receive any funding, ALL of the following conditions must be met:

  1. Complete the online application which can be found on the Student Government Association portal on JagSync, two weeks prior to event.
  2. Receive approval from the Department of Student Life as an established and recognized organization or interest group.
  3. Receive SGA approval that one member has been appointed to represent that organization and has attended at least three (3) meetings; regardless of how long they have been an active organization.
  4. If an existing organization is requesting funds at the beginning of the spring semester they must have had a representative present at three (3) SGA meetings during the previous semester.
  5. Present in front of the SOFC, if deemed necessary.
  6. Additional meetings or an alternative meeting format (email, phone conference, etc.) may be called at the discretion of the SOFC Chair to discuss the request.
  7. The student organization will then coordinate with the Director of Student Life for purchasing and logistics.

Application Process

Each organization is to submit an application via JagSync. If there are any discrepancies in the application the SOFC can ask for the student organization to present their application before the committee where a thorough question and answer session may take place.

The SOFC is intended to provide financial assistance to organizations that have an impact on UHV’s campus. Student organizations should make it a priority to convey this during the presentation.

Funding Stipulations

  1. Funding Priorities
  • Activities impacting UHV students outside the organization
  • On-campus programs
  • Activities that bring recognition to UHV
  1. The SOFC cannot fund direct monetary contributions to charities (SOFC may choose, however, to help fund an event designed to raise money for charity if the event is free for students to attend).
  2. The SOFC does not fund student organization dues. SOFC monies cannot be used to provide academic scholarships.
  3. The SOFC will not fund mission trips of any kind.
  4. No organization should expect to be funded for more than one speaker or program per semester. Funding for additional events would depend upon the merit of the program and availability of funds.
  5. Working in conjunction with the Department of Student Life, proper receipts are required for all approved requests.
  6. Ordinarily, no organization may charge admission to students at any program that is in any part subsidized by these funds. An exception may be granted in those circumstances where, as of part of the original request, the requesting organization satisfactorily demonstrates the merits of a program for which admission charges are proposed.
  7. No SOFC funds shall be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  8. At the discretion of the SOFC, funds may be allocated to registered interest groups and charted student organizations for travel to conferences and for performances, competitions, and programs pertinent to the student body. Out of town travel will be given low priority by the SOFC compared to on-campus or local programs/initiatives.
  9. Requests for travel funds must be submitted to the Student Government Association at least eight (8) weeks prior to departure. All late requests will be denied unless the Student Organization Funding Committee deems circumstances of a particular request to be extraordinary. Funds will also be denied if students who are to travel have not completed and submitted the required paperwork to Student Life a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to departure.
  10. Any student traveling must be a currently enrolled UHV student with no UHV holds on their account.
  11. Any funds to be used from the Student Organization cost center must be approved by the SOFC prior to the money being spent.
  12. In the event that student organizations would like to collectively host an event and seek funds for, a vote must be taken and 2/3 of all active chartered organizations and interest groups must vote in favor of the event for the event then be passed to the SOFC committee for approval.
  13. For funds to be approved, the majority of the SOFC committee must approve the request.