University of Houston-Victoria

Student Life

Approval Procedures for Events

Student Organization Event Registration

  • Is required for all student organization events, including meetings.
  • Must be submitted on JagSync two weeks prior to the organization event.


Certain circumstances do not require the completion of the Event Request Form.

  • Officers’ meeting (for planning, etc.).
  • Events sponsored in collaboration with Student Life.
  • Participation in workshops/conference sponsored by Student Life.

Where to Obtain the Event Registration Form

Once you have logged into your JagSync account, visit the Admin Dashboard, located in the drop down menu at the top right corner of the page (if you do not have Admin Dashboard access, please contact Student Life staff for assistance). Select the + sign in the top left corner, then select to create an Event. Follow the instructions. All events and general meetings must be submitted for approval a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.

Other Forms That May Be Required

  • University Calendar - This form must be completed in order to reserve a location on campus. More information regarding the University Calendar can be found in Facilities Guidelines, Section 9.
  • Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) Request Form - This form is required for all SGA funding requests for events, workshops, speaker’s performances, festivals, etc. The form also requires a brief description of how the workshop/event meets the organizations purpose and the university’s goals, as well as a statement on specifically how the SGA funds will be spent. This form can be found on the Student Government Association portal in JagSync.
  • Release and Indemnification Agreement Form (travel and events) - Required if traveling anywhere off campus and for events that could result in injury (football tournament, skating, etc.). The form must be completed and filed with Student Life prior to departure of travel and forms must be filled out at the beginning of an event, if needed. If SGA funds are being used for the travel event, the form is required, regardless of whether individuals are traveling separately or as a group. The form can be found on the UH System Legal Affairs website.

Timelines to Submit Completed Forms

The basic timelines to submit completed forms is located below:

  • Minimum of two weeks in advance for the Event Registration form for any planned events or general meetings.
  • Minimum of two weeks in advance for University Calendar to reserve a location on campus.
  • Minimum of two weeks in advance for the SOFC Funding Request Form if SGA funds are being requested for payment and/or reimbursement of expenses.
  • Minimum of eight weeks in advance for the SOFC Funding Request Form if requesting SGA funds to pay for travel.

Special Notes:

A request may be submitted sooner than the required minimum to allow more publicity lead-time. If the student organization has planned the full semesters events in advance (confirmed speakers, etc.), the forms may all be submitted at the beginning of the semester or even the semester before.

If requesting SOFC funds, be aware of other factors may impact the approval process (individuals who must process/sign the paperwork may be out of town, no SGA meeting due to holidays, timing of the meeting, etc.). Student organizations who wish to receive funds from SOFC must attend two SGA General Body Meetings each semester and attend a Student Organization Training. More information regarding SOFC funds may be found in Funding Guidelines, Section 11.

These timelines have been set to allow sufficient time for obtaining the signatures needed or to allow for additional processing time for special circumstances. 

The Event Approval Process

  1. Student organization officers complete and submit the Event Registration form through JagSync two weeks prior to the organization event.
  2. Student Life will review the event form to ensure they are fully and properly completed. If necessary, they will contact the individual who submitted the form to obtain further information.
  3. Events will be approved through JagSync. If an event is not approved, student organizations will receive a notification from JagSync.
  4. Before an event space or location can be reserved, the student organization should receive approval on JagSync. Once approved, a space or location can then be reserved through the University Calendar. Calendar postings should include the details from the approved Event Registration form.  Acronyms are not preferred when creating a posting on the University Calendar.
  5. Events may not be publicized until approved (in accordance with University policy). 

 If an event is not approved:

  • Student Life will notify the student organization via JagSync messaging and/or email.
  • If the event is not approved, it may NOT be conducted in the name of the student organization or the name of the university. NO funds from the SOFC may be used for its support, and the activity cannot be advertised on campus.
  • The reason for non-approval may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Affairs, in accordance with campus policies and regulations.
  • If an organization proceeds to conduct an event without approval, their University recognition as a student organization could be at risk and may be revoked.

Coca Cola Products

The university granted the Coca Cola Company exclusive rights to sell and serve soft drinks on the UHV campus. All student organizations providing beverages for on campus programs must serve Coca Cola products.

UHV Temporary Food Dealer's Permit/Request Form

If a student organization is serving food and/or drinks at a publicized event or meeting, they must complete and email a UHV Temporary Food Dealer's Permit/Request Form to James Williams, Coordinator of Environmental Health & Safety, at williamsje3@uhv.edu at least 48 business hours prior to event.