University of Houston-Victoria

Student Affairs

Student Housing Committee

The Student Housing Committee (SHC) is responsible for dealing with issues involving housing that may arise throughout the academic year.  The SHC makes recommendations on these issues to the Vice President for Student Affairs.  The scope of recommendations will apply to services and facilities within Jaguar Hall, Jaguar Court, Jaguar Suites and Smith Hall and all related safety, internet, parking, and any issue impacting the quality of life for student residents.  All minutes will be saved on the V:drive in a file labeled SHC.   


The Student Housing Committee minimally meet twice per semester (roughly 2-3 weeks after the start of the semester and 2-3 weeks prior to the end of the semester), with ad-hoc meetings as needed.  The committee's charge is to 

1. Propose and review policies and procedures pertaining to student housing and student dining.  

2. Propose initiatives and advise the Vice President for Student Affairs and Budget Committee on student housing issues. 

3. Provide regular updates to the university community on student housing.  

Reports to: 

Vice President for Student Affairs


The Senior Director of Student Services will serve as committee chair and will be a non-voting member except in the case of at tie.  A total of 8 members; 1 committee chair, 1 non-voting resource member (Director of Housing designee); 3 students; 1 representative from faculty senate, and 1 representative from staff senate.   

  • President, Hall Council (student)
  • All other student members will be appointed by the SGA President 
  • Faculty members appointed by Faculty Senate 

Staff member appointed by Staff Senate 


The Director of Housing, and the Senior Director of Student Services will be permanent members of this committee.   Students will serve 1-year terms and all other appointed members will serve 2-year terms.