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University Programming Committee Guidelines

The purpose of University Programming Committee at the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) is to avoid duplicate programming efforts on and off campus, to maximize collaborative efforts across the institution, and to share programming successes and challenges.

A representative from each office/department at UHV is welcome to join the programming committee. This committee is chaired by the Director of Student Life. Members of the University Programming Committee will acknowledge the following guidelines:

Planning Process 

Members must add planned programming events to the University Programming Committee Events Sheet, a shared Google Doc, prior to the biannual programming committee meeting. Members must also attend the biannual committee meeting which takes place in May and December each year.

  • If an event is already planned during your proposed event time and date, please look for another date and/or time. If you are unable to change your date and time, the duplication of programs will be addressed during the programming committee meeting.
  • We will make every effort to put campus wide events such as Convocation, Jaguar Journey Welcome Weekend, Family Weekend and Homecoming on the event sheet by May 1st for each coming year. Any program planned before this date that conflicts with these events will be subject to change.
  • After the programming committee meeting has taken place, members are asked to add their events to the University Calendar in order to reserve a facility, if applicable, and to advertise their events.
  • Once a program has been approved on the University Calendar, members are asked to add events to their JagSync portal in order to advertise their events to students.
  • If changes are made or additional programs are added after the programming committee meeting, members must follow the same procedures to avoid duplicate programs.


Members must abide by the following Posting of Materials Policy when marketing their programs.

  • Materials must be approved by their immediate supervisor and the Marketing & Communications Department prior to posting. Please see Marketing & Communications approval process for graphic designs below.   
  • Posters must be 11x17” and vertically aligned on the silver bars or 24x36” framed using an easel or A-frame.
  • Materials may not be posted or distributed on exterior fixtures of any sort, or on vehicles. Materials cannot be posted in areas such as glass doors to buildings, hall walls, bathrooms, and inside classrooms unless prior consent is given by Marketing & Communications.
  • Community materials must be sent to Student Life or Marketing & Communications for approval before posting.
  • Members are responsible for removing materials when they are no longer relevant. Unapproved postings will be removed by Student Life or Marketing & Communications personnel. Any posting that is more than one month old will be taken down unless prior arrangements are made with Student Life or Marketing & Communications.

Marketing & Communications Approval Process for Graphic Designs 

  • Prior to posting marketing materials on campus, you will need approval by the Marketing and Communications (M&C) Department.  For approval of a graphic design (11"x17" poster, digital slide, social media, logo, etc.), please follow these steps.  
  1. Log in using your UHV username and password into https://uhv.workamajig.com/
  2. Once logged in, select the blue plus sign, next to Project Requests, on the left side of the page. 
  3. When the Request a Project page pops up, select the Approvals tab.  You can submit one or multiple graphics at a time. 
  4. Fill in the details that contain a red dot and make sure to indicate what you are requesting to be approved in the project description.  
  5. After your graphic(s) has been submitted, M&C will review the content, within 48 hours, and will either approve or deny it.  If it is denied, changes will be sent in order for it to be approved and you will need to resubmit it through Workamajig once the changes are complete. 
  6. Once digital slides are approved, they will automatically be deployed on campus by M&C. 
  7. If you are a student organization, the submitted graphics will also be sent to the Student Life Department for event approval and approved posters will still be printed and stamped by Student Life. 

Social Media

Members are encouraged to utilize all of their social media platforms when marketing programs for students. We suggest tagging other offices/departments when collaborating on programs with them. It is also highly suggested to use the following two hashtags when posting on social media about your programs:

  • #UHV

Event Procedures

Members are required to scan students in on JagSync when attending their events. This is to ensure students receive co-curricular involvement credit, assist with institutional assessment, and to aid in campus security. If the scan option is unavailable due to technical issues, please take attendance using a paper form. Once the event is completed, upload attendance manually into JagSync within 72 hours.