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Mixed Gender Middle School Robotics

The Middle School Robotics Summer Camp will introduce students to advanced and interesting computer science concepts. During the week students will work on hands-on activities that will bolster their interest in computing and advance their knowledge to a level that will enable them to explore their creativity when encountering complex computer science concepts in high school or college. The main goal of the Camp is to increase the participation of middle school students in STEM courses, particularly computer science. Other goals include:

  • Promote engagement of young teens in computing from middle school to high school to early college
  • Provide an environment for students to focus on building computational thinking skills.
  • Strengthen the preparation of future endeavors in computing by developing their mastery of computer science concepts and practices, while raising their aspirations in computing.

Students will learn core computing concepts and competencies such as computers and communication devices, computational thinking, data, algorithms, computer programming, and teamwork. All concepts will be covered in depth, analyzed within student teams, and used to implement problem solutions over the span of the week.

The Summer Camp is made possible by a grant from Alcoa Foundation.

Camp dates: 8/1 -- 8/5

  1. The parental consent form signed by a parent of guardian for each student (Release and Indemnification Agreement ).
  2. The photograph consent form either signed, or declined by a parent or guardian (Image Authorization).

Due to the high demand, we have stopped accepting applications

For more information please contact Dr. Amjad Nusayr.