Middle School Arduino Camp

In this camp you will use Arduino microcontroller to dive in programming and electrical engineering. The camp is a great opportunity for those who have interest in coding to start writing their own programs and develop some problem-solving skills. Campers will be able to design electrical circuits and sensors, and program them using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Using the Arduino IDE, you will write programs to perform multiple projects.

Campers learn to:

  • The Engineering design process.
  • The Arduino board (hardware) and the Arduino IDE (software).
  • Build electrical circuits using Arduino & electrical engineering.
  • Coding in the Arduino Programming Language.
  • Build and control a robot using the Arduino board.

The Summer Camp is made possible by a grant from Alcoa Foundation.

Camp dates: TBD

  1. The parental consent form signed by a parent of guardian for each student (Release and Indemnification Agreement ).
  2. The photograph consent form either signed, or declined by a parent or guardian (Image Authorization).

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For more information please contact Prof. Mai Abo Shakra.