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Thanks to a generous grant from Alcoa Foundation, UHV will be celebrating Math and Robotics Awareness month on Tuesday 4/9/2024.

Registration Instructions

The application process will be open on 2/26/2024 and remain open until (4/2/2024) or until 200 students are registered.

Registration is Currently: Open

Please read the following instructions and rules before beginning the registration process.

Before proceeding with the registration, please make sure that, for each student, you have:

  1. The parental consent form signed by a parent or guardian for each student. (Release and Indemnification Agreement)
  2. The photograph consent form either signed or declined by a parent or guardian. (Image Authorization)

Release forms must be in 1 week before the event. Students will not be able to participate in the Math and Robotics Awareness Day Event without the completion of all forms. The student's parent or guardian must sign all forms.

When all the required materials are ready, complete the Registration Form. After the registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent out.

Please call us at (361) 485-4992 or (361) 570-4311 if you want your forms picked up.