Alice camp by Texas Women in Computing (TWiC)
Canceled for Spring 2020

Program Information

Alice is a computer program that makes creating a virtual world to tell a story or play a game easy. Drag-and-drop graphics make programming a snap for any age. Programming with Alice allows the camper to focus on the content and creativity of the story, which helps develop problem solving skills.

The Alice program allows the camper to select from hundreds of objects - people, animals, furniture, and vehicles, to name just a few. During camp campers will learn how to move objects or parts of objects -- people walk, planes fly and dragons flap their wings. The program also allows for interaction among the objects such as people can "talk" using text or sound, a plane can be controlled by the user, and a dragon can find the knight. Movies can be made once the project is complete.

The Alice interface is user friendly and easy to learn; students will begin designing a virtual world the very first day

Application Procedures

Please sign these two documents before applying:

  1. The parental consent form signed by a parent of guardian for each student (Release and Indemnification Agreement ).
  2. The photograph consent form either signed, or declined by a parent or guardian (Image Authorization).

To be considered for the program, please fill in the application form that is available here. Please read the instructions carefully and upload all the required documents. All fields are required and the system will not allow you to submit an incomplete application. A photo release form and a liability release form must be signed by you and your parent/guardian and returned before you can participate in the camp. If all documentation is not completed on the first day of the camp, you will not be able to participate