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Small Business


Success Stories

Kids R People 2, Beeville

Offering a Helpful Hand  

Kids R People 2 

Kids R People 2 began in May of 2014 and is ran by Anthony and Marisa Villarreal. Marisa has over 20 years experience in the daycare industry. Anthony is a retired Marine, who served 20 years. They are both very passionate about what they do and enjoy working with children.  There was a need for child care in their area and both felt that the timing was right in both their lives and family’s lives and decided to open their family owned daycare in Beeville, TX.  Throughout the 2014-2015 year, Kids R People 2 continues to see new growth and is continually growing their clientele. Mr. and Mrs. Villarreal have been able to create jobs and provide Beeville, Texas with top notch daycare services.   Since their business opened in May 2014, it has expanded, has 4 full time and 4 part time employees.

How did Mark Martinez, CBA IV and UHV SBDC assist Kids R People 2

 Mark assisted from the beginning stages of starting a business, feasibility studies, creating a business plan, financial projections, customer service, and marketing.  He has also assisted them in managing financial information to track of revenues and expenses.  Since then Mark has formed a long-term relationship with the client and continually assists them with their business as needed.  Both Villarreals note, "Truly appreciate Mr. Martinez assistance.” 

Yoakum Shape Shop, Yoakum

Staying in Shape, Growing in Size!


The owner of Yoakum Shape Shop contacted Lisa Barr when she decided to sell the business that Lisa helped her start.  The client and her husband decided to move to Waco and she wanted someone to carry the successful business on and keep it going in Yoakum.  The new owner, Kristy Svec, began working with Lisa on the recommendation of the previous owner, Christie Talbert. Kristy was ready to get her business plans started and determine the way she wanted to move Yoakum Shape Shop forward. Lisa helped Kristy with HR related issues as well as applying for a YEDC grant to help with building updates.  Kristy was able to purchase and expand the business from Christie, obtain a YEDC grant, owner invest her money, retain 18 employees, and hire one new employee.  

How did Lisa Barr, CBA IV and UHV SBDC assist Yoakum Shape Shop

Lisa worked with Christie to provide the new owner, Kristy, with all the tools to run the business successfully. Lisa helped Kristy with employee and business file retention, managing employees, job descriptions, employee handbooks, and various other HR related issues. Lisa also assisted Kristy with the YEDC grant application and subsequent approval of her expansion project for Yoakum Shape Shop.  Kristy and the business remain a relationship client.

Sweet Occasions, Victoria

Serving Victoria Something Sweet

Sweet Occasions

Sweet Occasions is a candy store on one side, and a mum designing center on the other. Guests can order a mum or purchase items individually to make their own. Mom Squad is their wedding division, as they taken on the duties any mother of the bride would want to do, but simply doesn't’t have time to do. They have achieved multigenerational business as their first mum customers are having children. Full circle business is their goal. Owners Patty Janca and Kathy Walker come from very different backgrounds. 

Friends for over 20 years, Patty was a school teacher and Kathy was an engineer.  When their now adult children were growing up, during the fall, they would sit each other’s living rooms, designing Homecoming mums. Being a staple Texas tradition, mum-making quickly became a seasonal home-based business for the pair. The mum ‘season’ in Victoria expanded into the spring for Sadie Hawkins, year round for birth/hospital mums, as well as baby shower diaper cakes and mums.  Kathy’s daughter was getting married.  A wedding was being planned.  She wanted a candy bar. Patty jumped at the opportunity to help Kathy design a candy bar.  Leading up to the wedding Patty found herself taking on the duties of the Wedding’s House Party. After the wedding, Patty was approached by a guest to provide the same service at her daughter’s wedding. Kathy and Patty created and operated a candy bar, acted as the House Party and embraced the opportunity to cater to the Bride’s needs on the day of her wedding. Sweet Occasions was born as well as the reference “Mom Squad”.

How did Lindsay Young, CBA IV and UHV SBDC assist Sweet Occasions

Advisor, Lindsay Young began working with the clients in March 2014. The initial idea took on several forms before ending with the services Sweet Occasions offers today. They opened in February 2016. With Lindsay, they worked through several ideas, and developed their business plan, inventory needs and financial projections.  These great friends started a business and created 3 new jobs.  These owners are advocates of SBDC services and praises the center every chance they get.  

Storey Jewelers, Gonzales

Shining Bright Like a Diamond

 Storey Jewelers At Night

Storey Jewelers has always been known as a local landmark located in the Main Street District in Downtown Gonzales, TX. The previous location occupied the same building location for over 100 years. When current owner, Paul Neuse, purchased the business in 1996, he always dreamed of an independent location in his hometown.  Paul consulted a well-known jewelry store design firm to assist him with the new location. Since opening, and having a substantially larger showroom, Paul has introduced pieces created by jewelers from around the world. He prides himself on bringing the world to small town rural America. Paul worked with the UHV-SBDC to complete a loan packet and business plan to secure funding for the business expansion. The client's growth and expansion resulted in a Gonzales EDC loan and a SBA guaranteed loan and the business retains three full time jobs and three part time jobs in Gonzales.  

How did Kacey Lindemann Butler, CBA IV and UHV SBDC assist Storey Jewelers

 Paul worked with Kacey in Gonzales to complete a business plan, budget, and loan proposal for funds needed for his construction project. Using the advice and assistance from Kacey, the owner had all he needed to apply for the loan to build the new location.  

Indigo Day Spa, Victoria

Mr. and Mrs. Thomason first approached Brian Cunningham back in September of 2015 and were interested in purchasing Eden Day Spa.  Mrs. Thomason wanted to make it her own business complete with a new name.  Mrs. Thomason had a vision of where she wanted to be within six months and is now the proud owner of her own day spa.  Several SBDC advisors, as well as spouses of the advisors, have been to the spa and everyone has come back as a satisfied customer of the spa now known as Indigo Day Spa.   Indigo Day Spa has had a great business start and has 5 new jobs.

How did Brian Cunningham, CBA IV and UHV SBDC assist Indigo Day Spay

Brian Cunningham was able to help the client by reviewing the previous owners’ financials and assisting Kristen and her husband Ryan determine if this was the successful business they wanted. Once the client bought the business, Brian assisted with cash flow projections and helping with the QuickBooks account. The client is extremely motivated to promote her business and continues to work with Brian. Recently he assisted Mrs. Thomason in using a Facebook page to promote her business and developing marketing strategies for her new business.  The client looks forward to continued business growth, considering possible purchase of the building she is currently leasing.