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For businesses ready to grow.

Ready to grow your business, increase profitability, find efficiencies; then you need Profit Mastery. 

2 days investment to have the best business year!

The hands-on workshops where you'll:

  • Learn to understand your financials,
  • Learn how to manage your business to increase profitability and
  • Strengthen your relationship with your lender.

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$200 for both day or $125 for one day

Fee includes all materials and lunch. 

November 8 and November 9 8:30-4:30

Location: UHV SBDC office, 1908 N. Laurent St, Suite 400 

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Increase your financial IQ with Profit Mastery.  A unique, seven-step approach distilled from both years of business banking experience and working with thousands of business owners

Profit Mastery University delivers the following curriculum sections:

  • Profit Mastery Overview
  • Financial Position
  • Price-Volume-Costs
  • Cash Flow
  • Manage Growth
  • Banks & Transition
  • Glossary and FAQs

Profit Mastery is dedicated to maximizing your earnings through a better understanding of your financials.

Profit Mastery prepares the business owner, key manager, entrepreneur, business advisor or other money manager to answer these questions:

  1. How does your business compare with others in your industry?
  2. Will increasing your sales actually improve or worsen your financial outlook?
  3. Do you think it’s possible to have an open and enthusiastic relationship with your banker, through better communication?

All of these questions and more can be answered by understanding your financials and listening to what they’re telling you. Our Profit Mastery Workshop does all this and more. It’s a fun and educational workshop structured specifically to understanding your financials.

Presented by Certified Profit Mastery Facilitators

UHV SBDC’s certified business advisors are Profit Mastery Certified Facilitators. We offer Profit Mastery in conjunction with Victoria College Continuing Education, an eligible business owner can take advantage of the TWC Skills for Small Business Scholarship. 

Profit Mastery series can also be provided upon request. There are other presentation options including coming to your workplace or other location if you have 3 or more attendees.  This workshop is offered in a variety of flexible schedules to give you in-depth knowledge of your financials.  Contact Joe Humphreys to discuss options: (361)485-4485 or email.

The keys to the success of this curriculum are built around the following:

  • A presentation style uniquely combining information, motivation, and humor.
  • A case-study approach.
  • A unique, seven-step approach distilled from both years of business banking experience and working with thousands of business owners.