University of Houston-Victoria

Security Awareness

Computer Security Awareness


Computer Security Awareness is the knowledge and attitude that members of an organization possess regarding the protection of the physical and, especially, information assets of that organization.

Computer Security Awareness Training for Students (CSATS) is necessary in today's computing environment. Computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices provide us with the ability to access and share information, connect socially, and work productively.

Protecting yourself against the risks associated with the use of these technologies is the mission of this university.

CSATS was developed in response to Texas Administrative Code 1 TAC 202.

The basic security practices outlined in this course will help you avoid the following types of computer security risks:

  • Disclosure of sensitive information by accident or neglect
  • Theft of personal and financial information through fraudulent means
  • The intentional or unintentional damage to computers and network systems by viruses and various forms of malware
  • The legal consequences associated with copyright infringement including the illegal downloading of music, videos, games, and software

The CSATS course contains the following learning modules:

  • M1 - Passwords
  • M2 - Email
  • M3 - Identity Theft / Phishing & Pharming
  • M4 - Copyright
  • M5 - P2P File-Sharing
  • M6 - Social Networks
  • M7 - Laptop and PDA Security

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify computer security risks.
  • Take the appropriate actions to reduce those risks.
  • Understand basic computer security practices.