University of Houston-Victoria


April 2021

On the Road with CRC

The CRC team recently made a stop at the Office of Emergency Management located in Victoria. We were provided a great tour of the 1,200-square-foot facility. The OEM building was built to maintain the framework upon which our community prepares for, responds to, and recovers from natural or man-made disasters or significant emergencies. Their program is based upon Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. This is the hub that allows all information to be gathered into one place to analyze data and make the decisions for our region. They are able to efficiently gather supplies, have a large loading dock for trucks and even have sleeping arrangements for those on the OEM team. Our genuine thanks to this agency for taking care of our region in times of need.


The UHV CRC facilitated a regional survey at the end of last year to obtain feedback from our stakeholders on what would best suit their needs at this time. We were very pleased with the high rate of response. Based on the feedback, the top needs were 1) Opportunities for Regional Collaboration; 2) Marketing/Branding the Region; 3) Rural Broadband; and 4) Regional Marketing for Tourism/New Industry. In the survey, we also gathered feedback about the time most preferred for regional training and educational programs as well as the distance they were willing to travel to participate.

Your feedback will be invaluable as we plan our future activities and initiatives. We look forward to getting out into your communities to assist you in addressing your needs. Healthy communities make for a strong region. We look forward to being your partner in growth.

Important Person

Rick recently retired after a 43-year professional career. His career included small business ownership and commercial banking. He served on Governor Rick Perry’s economic development team for 3 years, followed by 10 years as administrator for the Office of Rural Affairs at the Texas Department of Agriculture. Rick served four terms as mayor for the City of Sweetwater and was instrumental in the creation of the Texas Midwest Community Network.

Currently Rick serves as the Rural Engagement Coordinator for the Texas Rural Funders. The TRF is a diverse network of funders that bring attention and resources to rural Texas, leverages local assets for success, and addresses systemic challenges for impact no single organization could achieve alone. Texas Rural Funders is dedicated to working with rural communities to amplify opportunities and rural voices. 

The UHV-CRC is working with Rick and the TRF on broadband issues in the region.

Buzz around UHV

In our Digital Gaming & Simulation program, students have access to laboratories and technologies they would not find in other institutions of the region (even the large ones). Our motion capture lab offers 24 infrared Vicon cameras (a setup only found in large animation studios); our robotics lab contains five mobile robots, two humanoid robots, drones and other devices. We have more than a dozen complete virtual reality goggle sets, holographic displays, touch tablets, data gloves, hand and gesture motion sensors, and 3D printers.

Finally, with the new UHV University South building opening this year, the program will gain access to several completely renovated computer laboratories (some for use exclusively for the digital gaming program), not to mention the one-of-a-kind, 210-degrees field-of-view visualization theater. Kudos to UHV for being a trailblazer in this digital and groundbreaking program.