University of Houston-Victoria

UHV Facilities Space Planning Committee


The UHV Facilities Space Planning Committee (FSPC) is a broad-based constituent group that is chaired by the Vice President of Administration and Finance, by appointment of the President. All committee members have voting rights, with the exception of committee resource members. The committee is charged with providing advice and recommendations to the President and Executive Committee.

Reports to: President

Committee Charge:

The Facilities Space Planning Committee shall have the responsibility for reviewing issues involving facility construction, renovations, space usage, and the Library for the purpose of aligning academic goals with the University’s Strategic Plan, Master Plan, and Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) The Committee’s review covers all owned, leased, occupied, and affiliated space.

All planning for major capital construction and renovation projects on or a part of the University of Houston-Victoria Campus shall be reviewed for

  • Space utilization
  • Land use
  • Campus development
  • Capital program requests
  • Parking and pedestrian access
  • Campus Beautification
  • Other related issues presented by the Chair


  • Matt Alexander, Director of Capital Projects and Construction
  • Wayne Beran, Vice President for Administration and Finance - Chair
  • John Burke, Director of Facilities Services
  • Jose Cantu, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Esther Cuenca, Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Tiarah Figueroa, President of Student Government Association
  • Brooke Garcia, Assistant Clinical Professor, College of Business
  • Chance Glenn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Jay Lambert, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Brandon Lee, Director of Residence Life
  • Joann Olson, Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Raymond Tucker, Associate Professor, College of Education and Health Professions
  • Daniel White, Assistant Professor, College of Natural and Applied Science
  1. Appointment of Members -The members of the FSPC will be appointed by the President. Members are expected to serve a two-year term. The terms of office begin at the beginning of the fall semester. Approximately 50 percent of the elected committee representatives will be replaced annually.

  2. Responsibilities of Members - Members will be expected to represent the views of the constituents they represent on the committee, but should serve the best interests of the university community. Members are expected to keep their constituencies informed of FSPC matters on a regular basis.

  3. Resignation of members - Any member desiring to resign from FSPC shall contact the Chair, who will contact the President to fill the vacancy.

  4. Removal of members - If a committee member exceeds two absences per year, the member may be replaced at the discretion of the chair. The chair will contact the President to fill the vacancy.

  5. Alternative members - The President may designate an alternate member who will represent the body in the absence of the regular member. In the absence of the regular member an alternate will be a full voting member.


  • Appointment - The President will elect a Chair from the committee. The Chair will be appointed prior to the first FSPC meeting and begin serving immediately.

  • Duties of Chair - The responsibilities of the Chair are:

    • Call and schedule meetings;
    • Set the agenda for meetings of the committee;
    • Distribute the committee agenda and minutes prior to scheduled meetings;
    • Preside over committee meetings;
    • Coordinate the work of the committee with any standing, advisory or sub-committees;
    • Provide a charge and membership selection for sub-committees;
    • Review and post committee minutes on the work of the committee.


  1. Frequency - Meetings are normally held once quarterly but may be more or less if necessitated. Specially called meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President, the Chair or by request of a majority of committee membership.

  2. Agendas - The agenda for each meeting should be published in advance of the meeting. Each committee member may submit to the Chair items for the Committee agenda, prior to its publication.

  3. The Chair may:

    1. Place the item on the committee’s next available meeting agenda;

    2. Return the item to the person or group with notice that the item is not an FSPC concern; or

    3. Inform the person or group that the item needs further development before being introduced into FSPC.

    4. Support materials. Items on the agenda for action shall be accompanied by appropriate support materials at or before the time the agenda is published.

  4. Quorum - A majority of the members (voting and non-voting) shall constitute a quorum.

Committee Recommendations

  1. A 60% majority of the voting committee membership is required to forward a recommendation to the President and the Executive Committee. All other voting will be by simple majority of all voting committee members.

  2. No proxies will be permitted on votes for final committee recommendations. Alternative methods of voting may be used as approved by FSPC.