University of Houston-Victoria

Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate is an elected body of the Faculty Council and represents the Faculty Council on a regular basis: (l) to provide a forum wherein any matter associated with the institution can be openly discussed by any faculty member; (2) to enable the faculty to reach informed collective decisions on academic matters; (3) to advise the administration on non-academic matters; and (4) to give the faculty a collective voice in issues relating to the exercise of academic freedom, professional rights, and professional responsibilities in the university community. The Faculty Senate consists of at least 9 members, 2 from each academic school and the members of the Executive Committee. Members of the Faculty Council of each of the academic schools choose their Senators.

Report to:

President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Faculty Council

Senate Committee 2019-2020

  • Casey Akins, AS
  • Keith Akins, AS, President
  • Amy Barnhill, EDU
  • Justin Bell, AS
  • Jeff Blodgett, BUS
  • Jonathan Du, BUS
  • Nazif Durmaz, BUS
  • Elise Hendricker, AS
  • Mary Lasater, EDU
  • Chang Woock Lee, EDU
  • Yong-Gyo Lee, BUS
  • Jang-Woo Park, AS
  • Ricardo Teixeira, AS
  • Michael Wiblishauser, EDU
  • Qiao (Riya) Xu, BUS
  • Lou Lloyd-Zannini, EDU