University of Houston-Victoria

Faculty Senate & Council Executive Committee


The Executive Committee consists of the president, vice president, secretary, and immediate past president of the Faculty Council. In case an academic college has no member on the committee, one faculty member from that college shall be elected to the committee by the Faculty Council immediately following the election of the officers of the Faculty Council. The president of the Faculty Council serves as a representative to the University Faculties Executive Council, acts as president of the Executive Committee, and serves as president of the Faculty Senate. The Executive Committee prepares an agenda for meetings of the Council and Senate and conducts other Council and Senate business.

Reports to:

Provost and Vice president for Academic Affairs


  • Sandy Venneman, President - College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)
  • Danny White, Vice President - College of Natural and Applied Science (CNAS)
  • Willie Black, Jr., Secretary - College of Education and Health Professions (CEHP)
  • Jeff Blodgett, Past President - College of Business (CB)
  • Casey Akins (CLASS)
  • Sharon de Marin (CEHP)
  • Hardik Gohel (CNAS)
  • Humberto Hernandez (CNAS)
  • Rebecca Heron (CLASS)
  • Kwan Lee (CB)
  • Jang Woo Park (CNAS)
  • Aleksandr Pikalov (CNAS)
  • Abran Rodriguez (CEHP)
  • Mark Ward (CLASS)
  • Michael Wiblishauser (CEHP)
  • Qiao Xu (CB)
  • Andria Young (CEHP)
  • Feirong Yuan (CB)
Budget Oversight
  • Aobo Jin (CNAS)
  • Kwan Lee (CB)

Core Curriculum

  • Casey Akins (CLASS)
  • Ali Dogan (CNAS)
  • Rose Goehring (CEHP)
  • Jang Woo Park (CNAS)
  • Barba Patton (CEHP)
  • Yuan Wang (CB)
  • Sara Zedaker (CLASS)

Faculty Awards

  • Armando Chavez-Rivera, Research Recipient (CLASS)
  • Jerry Hu (CNAS)
  • Saidat Ilo (CLASS)
  • Saeed Janini (CB)
  • Anthony Madrid, Teaching Recipient (CLASS)
  • Sandy Venneman, Service Recipient (CLASS)
  • Michael Wiblishauser (CEHP)
Faculty Development Leave 
  • Sharon de Marin (CEHP)
  • Hongyu Guo (CNAS)
  • Jie Yang (CB)
 Faculty Evaluation 
 Faculty Salary
Graduate Studies
  • Sneha Nayar-Bhalerao (CEHP)
  • Ali Dogan (CNAS)
  • Massomeh Hajilee (CB)
  • Humberto Hernandez (CNAS)
  • Anthony Madrid (CLASS)
  • Emmanual Quansah (CB)
  • Shannon Viola (CLASS)
  • Liping Wei (CEHP)
  • Keith Akins (CLASS)
  • Paul Carlson (CEHP)
  • Massomeh Hajilee (CB)
  • Rachana Kalelkar (CB)
  • Sherry Vafa (CEHP)
  • Danny White (CNAS)
 Plagiarism & Academic Integrity 
Policy Review
  • Nicole Eugene (CLASS)
  • Humberto Hernandez (CNAS)
  • Ziyun Yang (CB)
  • Andria Young (CEHP)

Promotion & Tenure 

  • Moira Baldwin (CEHP)
  • Peggy Cloninger (CB)
  • Jonathan Du (CB)
  • Jang Woo Park (CNAS)
  • Barba Patton (CEHP)
  • Catherine Perz (CLASS)
  • Qi Zhu (CNAS)
Undergraduate Affairs
  • Ashley Fansher (CLASS)
  • Humberto Hernandez (CNAS)
  • Saeed Janini (CB)
  • Chang Woock Lee (CEHP)
  • Sonerka Mouton (CEHP)
  • Asahi Tomitaka (CNAS)
  • Feirong Yuan (CB)
  • Sara Zedaker (CLASS)
Ad-hoc Committee to Study Tenure Track for Instructors and Clinical Professors