University of Houston-Victoria

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council operates under its own constitution and bylaws to consider matters of interest to the faculty and to make recommendations to the President and Provost regarding these. The faculty members who serve on the Faculty Council committees operate as officers of the university with authority delegated by the President. The Faculty Council, led by its executive committee, is the Faculty Council's representative body.

Reports to:

President, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Voting members 
Any person who holds a current appointment to a full-time faculty position (instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor) for at least one academic year is a member of the Faculty Council. Any member of the Faculty Council is eligible to serve in the Faculty Senate, is eligible to sit on any Faculty committee for which he or she is otherwise qualified, and has full rights and voting privileges in the Faculty assemblies and on Faculty committees.

Non-voting member
Any person who holds a faculty appointment for a designated period of less than one academic year and teaches one or more classes is ineligible to serve in the Faculty Senate, but is eligible to be a non-voting member of the Faculty Council, may attend Faculty assemblies, and, at the discretion of the Faculty Council/Senate President, may serve as a voting member of Faculty committees. In Faculty assemblies, non-voting members have the privilege of speaking from the floor, at the discretion of the presiding president.