University of Houston-Victoria

Core Curriculum Committee


The committee shall consist four Faculty Council members from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and the College of Natural and Applied Science, two from Business, and two from Education and Health Professions. Members shall, in accepting nomination, verify that they have regular undergraduate teaching assignments. (Ideally, members should teach regularly in the core curriculum.) In addition to the elected members, the chair of the committee shall be appointed for the academic year by the President of the Faculty Senate in May. The chair shall preside over the meetings and set the agenda; however, he or she shall only vote in case of a tie or other deadlock. The chair of the committee shall be a Faculty Council member in good standing, be regularly assigned as instructor of a core course, and shall have had experience on the Core Curriculum Committee.


The college representatives will be elected annually to staggered two year terms by the faculty of the respective college during the spring semester of the year prior to service.

Reports to:

Faculty Senate Committee

This committee shall:

  1. Review college policies and procedures for core course design and assessment.
  2. Advise colleges and individual faculty teaching core curriculum courses on alignment of course‐level learning objectives with state‐mandated standard learning objectives.
  3. Advise colleges and individual faculty teaching core curriculum courses on assessment of student learning outcomes in compliance with external mandates.
  4. Facilitate dissemination and discussion of best practices in general‐education pedagogy.
  5. Address concerns of faculty teaching core curriculum courses and make appropriate recommendations to the Faculty Senate.
  6. Review any proposal for adding, deleting, or changing courses in the University of Houston‐Victoria core curriculum and either forward an approved proposal to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee for further action or return the proposal to the originating college for revision and resubmission.
  7. Produce an assessment report of the core curriculum according to standards set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and university policy.

Additional responsibilities and powers of the chair of the Core Curriculum Committee:

  1. The chair shall have the power to call resource members to the committee meetings to assist in assessment and other curricular needs. Resource members are non-voting members of the committee who are permitted to make reports and give advice to the committee.
  2. The chair shall have the power to call for meetings of all instructors currently teaching in the core (or representatives thereof based on the discretion of the chair) in order to fulfill the aforementioned duties.
  3. The chair shall make the contributions of resource members known to their supervisors, in writing when appropriate, in order to recognize their service.


  • Casey Akins (CLASS)
  • Ali Dogan (CNAS)
  • Rose Goehring (CEHP)
  • Jang Woo Park (CNAS)
  • Barba Patton (CEHP)
  • Yuan Wang (CB)
  • Sara Zedaker (CLASS)