University of Houston-Victoria

Anti-Discrimination Hearing Board & Hearing Panel

Description of Hearing Board:

Members of the Anti-Discrimination Hearing Board are selected from recommendations from the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Affairs. Each group will recommend at least 5 individuals to the UHV President. The President shall select a Board of 8 with representation from each recommended group. Except for the first Board, members shall serve staggered terms of three years.

The Hearing Board receives any appeals of EOS Findings under the UH System Anti-Discrimination Policy and forms a Hearing Panel to review and rule on the Appeal of Findings.

Description of the Hearing Panel:

Upon the Board’s receipt of an Appeal of EOS Finding related to a complaint of discrimination, the Equal Opportunity Coordinator will poll the Board to identify 4 members of the Board to hear the appeal and comprise the Hearing Panel (3 members of the Hearing Panel will serve as voting members and 1 will serve as an alternate, non-voting member).

The Hearing Panel reviews any evidence presented in the appeal and determines whether to accept, remand or reject the EOS Findings based on the criteria provided in the UH System Anti-Discrimination Policy.  An appeal is not a new investigation of the complaint, and the Hearing Panel makes decisions using the preponderance of the evidence standard.

For more information, see UH System Anti-Discrimination Policy.

Reports To:

Rebecca Lake, Senior Director for Equal Access