University of Houston-Victoria

Annual Unit Assessment Report - School Dean


Academic School:  Due to IR by:  August 31 


Upon approval of the Faculty Senate, program review will be conducted by a joint committee of the newly formed Graduate Studies Committee and the revised Undergraduate Affairs Committee (formerly Academic Affairs Committee).  The subcommittee will be called the Program Review Committee.

I.  Goals and Objectives

A. Please review your unit plan for the academic/fiscal year being assessed (plan was done during the preceding spring), noting especially the performance indicators and corresponding performance objectives.
B. Please complete the assessment column of the performance indicators form (note that the column allows for accumulating a few years of assessment data).
C.  Please summarize the school’s efforts to achieve its strategic goals and performance objectives for the assessment period, indicating noteworthy achievements related to enrollments, student achievement, faculty contributions, school initiatives, etc.

II. Student Learning

Please comment on whether the following are in place and functioning, providing an explanation if they are not:  

  Descriptions of learning expectations, methods of assessment, and use of results are in place for each degree program offered in the school. 
  Results of student satisfaction and job placement surveys are reviewed.
  Attention is given to documentation of the use of assessment results.

  Student evaluation of instruction is completed for all organized courses during regular semesters.
  Attention is given separately to the performance and satisfaction of distance-education students, as indicated in institutional surveys and course evaluations. 

III. Faculty Research and Service

Faculty research and service activities should be reported on the performance indicators form, noted in I above.