University of Houston-Victoria

School Dean via Program Coordinator or Lead Professor


Academic Program: 


1.  Please list below or attach a copy of the expected learning results (or student learning objectives) for the program.

2.  Indicate the primary methods of assessing whether the expected results have been achieved. 

3.  Indicate how assessment information is used in efforts to improve the effectiveness of the program, noting examples and/or documentation. 
4.  Indicate what kind of documentation exists for the use of assessment information. 
To the extent not covered in the above:
  • Indicate how student/alumni satisfaction and job placement survey data are reviewed and used.  Include any other relevant information gathered, such as employer satisfaction.  (Note that student and alumni satisfaction surveys are conducted biennially by Institution Research and that job placement surveys are conducted for each graduate class by Student Relations.)
  • Comment on actual learning results for the past year or assessment interval, especially in relation to expected results.