University of Houston-Victoria

Academic Program Changes


  • All proposed changes are first approved at the school level.
  • They then go to the provost’s office, which will set up a tracking file.
  • The provost’s office provides copies to the appropriate Faculty Senate committee (graduate or undergraduate), as well as to the deans of the other schools.
  • From the committee, proposals go to the Senate with the committee’s recommendations.
  • Assuming Senate approval, the changes are then reviewed by the Academic Council.
  • Once signed by the dean, the Senate president, and the provost, the form describing the changes goes to the registrar’s office for inclusion in the college catalog.


  • New program proposals should follow the format required by the Coordinating Board rather than the one indicated below for changes. They require approval by the System and state and may require the approval of SACS/COC.
  • Changes in the name of a program, significant changes in academic organization, and substantive changes in a program or in how and where it is offered may also require notification and approval by the System, Coordinating Board, and/or SACS/COC.
  • Changes that affect lower-division requirements should be communicated to supporting community colleges in advance.
  • Changes may not adversely affect the progress of currently enrolled students, including those enrolled in community colleges, unless the changes are mandated external regulations.


Approval Procedure: 

Signature of Dean of School responsible: _______________________________________ Date: _________________

Signature of Faculty Senate President: _______________________________________ Date: _________________

Signature of Provost: _______________________________________ Date: _________________

Signature of Registrar: _______________________________________ Date: _________________